Bali January Trip 2015 (Overview)

☁  January Weather in Bali ☁

Our honeymoon trip! Yays!

We told our friends that we are going Bali in January, and they went…

“What??! It’s the monsoon period! The best time to go is from June to September.” ☂☂☂

So my mind went, “Oh no, tsunami, rains and no sun. Why didn’t we think of it earlier?”

Did a quick research and found out that

the sun is always out during the dry season, i.e. May to October.

And that is of course the peak season. But we’ve booked for January, so *shrugs*.

So how’s the weather when we were in Bali during January?

Our concerns were unfounded. There were only short drizzles or threatening rain clouds that didn’t shower. The sun is still scorching hot when it’s up. Just that you might not get any magnificent sunsets that Bali is well known for, the clouds did a great job in blocking the glorious sun.

Even so, I kinda liked it in January, the off peak season. Not so crowded, but bustling enough. When we were there, we could hardly find any Asian tourists around, the crowd was mainly the Caucasians/Australians. Am I at Bondi beach?! But I know many Singaporeans love to travel there. So why so few of them spotted? My guess, is that they are not too keen on the possibility of having rainy days in Bali, and school has just re-opened and work just started for the new year.

If you are someone who loves to suntan, swim and do outdoor activities, you better come during the dry season to avoid any disappointments. But be prepared to hustle among the crowds.

Itinerary Overview

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Day 1 – 2: Seminyak, Bali

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Watch Sunset, Drink a Beer

Massage and Shop

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Day 3: Seminyak – Jimbaran – Uluwatu

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Day 4: Uluwatu

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Travels During January 2015

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