Renting a Car in Australia – Melbourne

▲ Transport Information |▲ Rental Car | ▲ Melbourne Travels in 2013, updated 17 November 2015 Rental Car Companies in Melbourne Our Journey: Road trip to Great Ocean Road and Halls Gap. We used: Spendless Car Rentals, Verdict: We chose Spendless because of its relatively affordable 

Airport Transfers: Melbourne

Australia (Perth & Melbourne) Itinerary Overview (2013). p.s. Read about our trip to Great Ocean Road! ▲ Transport Information | Perth ✈ Melbourne | ▲ Domestic Flight + Airport Shuttle Domestic Flight One could drive a long way from Perth to Melbourne, but if you don’t have 

Review: Airbnb (Melbourne City)

Price? ~S$115/A$99 per night Accommodation Type: Airbnb Room, Ensuite Toilet ( When? 4 nights in October 2013 Our experience? We missed our flight to reach Melbourne at night, so we caught another midnight flight and reached the place very early in the morning. And even though, we had to trouble Wendy (the host) to 

Shop and Drink Coffee at Hipster Fitzroy

Updated 5 July 2016 Finally Fitzroy! People don’t normally go to Fitzroy on their first Melbourne visit (Here are 11 places for first timers to explore in Melbourne (Part1), (Part 2)). However, I wanted to go to the Haji Lane of Melbourne, except Fitzroy was much bigger than expected. 

4 Places to Eat and Drink Coffee in Melbourne City

Updated 5 July 2016 Here are some of the places we went to eat and drink in Melbourne! Just before I begin, I like to mention Melbourne’s independent coffee culture. It’s so entrenched that Starbucks was forced to close 16 outlets in Melbourne. This city is practically the coffee 

Melbourne City Attractions for First Timers (Part 2)

Updated 29 June 2016 In Melbourne City Attractions for First Timers (Part 1), there are five attractions you can visit while taking the free City Circle Tram. There are many more places worth going that I will mention over here. You can take the Melbourne Visitor Shuttle 

Melbourne City Attractions for First Timers (Part 1)

Updated 29 June 2016 Melbourne is a stylish capital with beautiful architecture and a distinct cosmopolitan. The city has a rich combination of arts, culture, good restaurants and shopping. I don’t know how many times I have heard about how Melbourne City is one of the most 

Australia Trip 2013 (Overview)

Australia Trip 2013 (Overview)

Singapore ✈ Perth ✈ Melbourne Accommodation Review Perth Perth City: Baileys Motel Margaret River: Riverview Tourist Park Joondalup: Airbnb at John’s Victoria State: Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, and more Princetown: Pebble Point Warrnambool: Airbnb at Mercellez’s Halls Gap, Grampians: Grampians Eco YHA Melbourne City: Airbnb at Wendy’s Itinerary Overview Perth Transportation Airport transfer