Entertainment on Mariner of the Seas

What to do on Mariner of the Seas? There’s a variety of sports, recreational, and chillax activities for you to choose from and do. Otherwise, enjoy the entertainment on Mariner of the Seas that I have listed down in this post.

1) Dreamworks

If you or your children love Dreamworks characters, be thrilled to get on Mariner of the Seas. You will get to see the characters frequently–from photo shoot sessions to dance along performances by the characters. They performed both indoor and outdoors. Check the cruise compass for their schedules!

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2) Ice Skating

On Mariner of the Seas, every guest is assigned to a session for the ice skating performance at Studio B. This is so that everyone gets a chance to see! It was like Disney on Ice, except there wasn’t any Disney. Nevertheless it was still enjoyable! Oh, do remember to bring a jacket if you are afraid of the cold. It’s after all an ice skating rink.

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Some performers slipped and fell. But can’t blame them, when I was skating on the ice, it was super slippery. I could see melting water even!

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There were many ice skating segments–from the romantic skating couple to the fun filled skating group of clowns. There will be a few segments when the skaters would engage with the first row audiences.

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See the train in the picture below?

It was carrying the guests’ children. They were probably asked if they wanted to when entering the venue. Because the children were readied before the segment and hopped on the train on cue.

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3) Savoy Theatre – Performances

The Savoy Theatre was where we went for the nightly performances–music concerts and shows by magicians and dancers.

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This man you see below was the cruise director, Fang (he pronounced it the ang moh way). You will see him (almost) everywhere. You could think of him as the host of Mariner of the Seas.

He was also the emcee of the nightly performances in Savoy, and also late night parties after the show.

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Superb performance

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A few guests were picked by him to go on the stage.

He was really funny and multi-talented. Love this segment! :)

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There was a guest singer who sang Chinese and dialect songs for the older Asian crowd on-board. This crowd is likely to get board with so many other English singing performances. Hence this performance was a nice addition.

The singer interacted much with the crowd and shared that she was the body double for Jackie Chan for a few years running.

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Most of the performances were rotated among these singers / dancers.

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I love the music played by this trio, and hence checked my cruise compass and caught them playing at the Ellington’s bar. It’s weird to see them up close after seeing them high and mighty on the big stage. Hur hur. But most of the resident performers playing or singing  at Savoy could be found in a smaller setting around the cruise.

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The band, according to Mr S, was very skillful and good. They had a segment to show off their skills in foreground and not hidden behind singers in the background.

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So at the end of the last performance, the grand finale, the management staff all went on stage as a celebration to mark the end of a wonderful trip!

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Will you be going for all the shows on the Mariner of the Seas? Leave a comment below.


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Travelled in December 2015 | Trip is fully paid by us and in no way sponsored.

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