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1) Dim Sum @ Tim Ho Wan

Never tried Tim Ho Wan in Singapore because of its incredulous, crazy-long queues. But we visited the original outlet in HK on the very morning we reached. We went because we couldn’t check in and it’s near to the place we were staying. And the awesome thing was, at 830am, there’s no queue at all! And there were many seats available. My friends in HK said there’s usually a long queue. So…..

Early birds do catch worms quick. Btw, I like their famous char siew bun best!




2) Curry fishballs (咖哩魚蛋) @ anywhere

A must have for me whenever I am in HK! I prefer the spicy version.  You can easily find them in stalls by the roadside. The stalls also have an array of other food selections! Keep trying different stalls until you find the one you like! :P

curry fishballs

3) Milk Pudding .. Steamed Egg Pudding @

Australia Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司) :: Tried Milk Pudding
Yee Shun Milk Company  (義順牛奶公司) :: Tried Milk and Custard Puddings

Verdict: I personally prefer Yee Shun Milk because it’s milkier, and overall, tastier.

Tip: Avoid the long queue if you only want to try ADC’s puddings and not their food. Go at night – a high chance there’s no queue.



4) Wanton Noodles (雲吞麺) @ 麥奀記

Stumbled upon this place at the Peak and decided to try it. Think it’s awarded Michelin in 2011 (can’t really rem. Oops.). And it was gooooood! Probably I was cold and this hot noodle soup really did its wonder.


5) Egg Tart @ Tai Cheong Bakery

It’s sold out at the The Peak outlet when we wanted to try. But we passed by another outlet on our last day, and tried it. It’s really really delicious! Another must eat when I go Hong Kong the next time.


6) ClayPot Rice (煲仔飯) & Oyster Omelette (蛋蠔餅) @ Four Seasons 

Yum yum food at affordable rates! Be sure to also try their crispy, deep fried Oyster Omelette!!
四季煲仔飯 Four Season Claypot Rice,
油麻地鴉打街46-58號, 46-58, Arthur Street, Yau Ma Tei
(adjacent to Temple Street)
Clay pot rice

7) Dim Sum in a traditional setting @ 莲香楼

This is my second time there. First went with a group of girlfriends 2 years back. It wasn’t as touristy or rather, you can’t spot as many tourists back then. So the waiters weren’t patient with us who don’t really speak Cantonese, nor know how things work around there.

Now I am back the second time, more sure of what to do, yet still intimidated by the place. But I observed that the waiters are more patient with the blur looks of tourists. Still a great place to be, because the customers of grandpas and grandmas, still give the place its flavour – of how dim sum places in HK used to be like back in those days.

Tips for first timers: Rove around the place and grab any seats available and sit. Be hawk-eyed, because it’s hard to spot seats in this bustling place. No one is going to take orders from you. There’ll be people pushing carts around. Wait for them or go to them in the middle row (most of the food is usually gone here) to ask what they have. If you don’t know canto, you’ll have to gesture for them to open the lids for you to see (stms they get frustrated for having to do this). Pass them the order chit as you tell or point to them what you want. And this time a grandpa told me I can actually put the order chit underneath the slit between the glass and table while I eat. :)


8) Goose, Char Siew & Fried Rice @ 深井陳記燒鵝

Fat goose that’s really delicious for those who like to eat goose. And their signature fried rice is awesome tooooo!

Goosy Place

9) Coffee @ Shenzhen

Tea Break with good ambience to rest, but coffee and cake? Forgettable.


10) Yong He Eating House 永和大王 @ Shenzhen

It’s been years since I went Yong He. I remember its tasty and crispy 油条 (doughsticks). 豆浆 was good too. Anyway, it has since evolved much to become like a fast food restaurant (chinese-style).

Yong He
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