Review: Cullinan Hotel 天璽商務飯店 (Hualien City)

Itinerary Overview ☼ Summer 2014 in Taiwan ☼

Price? S$61 /~ NT$1435 per night
Accommodation Type: Hotel Room
When? 2 nights in July 2014

Cullinan Hualien -  travel.joogo.sgOur experience? 

We had arranged for the hotel transport to pick us up from Hualian train station at about 7:50pm. However, due to a longer-than-expected train ride from Taipei, we only managed to reach Hualian at about 8:10pm. We weren’t able to contact the hotel as we did not have a local calling card, and thus we weren’t expecting the hotel transport to wait for us.

But lo and behold… when we got out of the train station, there he was, a nice gentleman from Cullinan (in shirt and tie no less, though he looked like he was melting in the summer heat) waiting and looking out for us! And it was a private pick up car – with comfortable leather seats and strong air conditioning for the summer. I was a bit surprised at the luxurious pick up. Though when we checked out, the car wasn’t available, so they arranged a complimentary taxi to bring us to the train station.

Cullinan Hualien1 -  travel.joogo.sgAnyway, after we got to the hotel, we were checked in quickly by the friendly reception. We were then greeted by a normal looking hotel room, but what caught my eyes were their toiletries and door magnets! The toiletries were laid up as a jigsaw puzzle to show a picture of Hualien’s scenery. A nice and creative touch. And for the ‘please do not disturb’ and ‘please make up room’ signs, instead of door hangers, they were in the form of magnets! Which means, the door is a big magnetic field. So tempted to take these magnets back – but of course I didn’t. Haha.

What say us?

Clean room:  The room was big and spacious and it had everything we needed (clean sheets, towels, cable, wifi, etc…). Room was made up nicely the next day as well.

✔ Hospitable Reception: Lady at counter was friendly and helpful. She recommended us places to visit, tours to join/not join and streets to have our good meals. If not for her, we would have missed an excellent (free) concert going on at Rainbow night market! She also helped us to call for taxi to the train station on our 2nd day, where we needed to take the bus shuttle to Taroko.

Average Breakfast: Complimentary breakfast was nothing fantastic and it was the same fare for both days. Nonethless, it’s a small issue as cheap and excellent food options are just around the hotel’s corner.

✘ Location: A bit of walking distance to the city centre, probably about 15 minutes walk, unless taking a cab is not an issue for you. And train station isn’t that near, probably 20-25 minutes walk? So best option is to take cab if you have to travel to and fro from the hotel to the train station. But free for us on the days when we checked in and out.

Recommended? If you love to stay right smack in the city centre, this is not for you. Otherwise, it’s an excellent option for a short and comfortable stay at Hualien.

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