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Credit: CapitaLand Inside
Credit: CapitaLand Inside

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Before I post my photos of Australia, I like to recommend you a place to visit when you come to my home country – Singapore! Not the usual touristy place like Sentosa, but THE STAR VISTA. It’s in the suburb, 2 minutes walk from Buona Vista Mrt. A good place to pop by if you love architecture or want to attend a church for the weekend. New Creation Church (Ps Joseph Prince) has 4 service timings at Star Vista every Sunday.

What I like about the place: The architecture. I was blown away the first time I stood before the majestic building. Awesomeness. The mall is Singapore’s first naturally cooled mall, an eco-architectural marvel. I love the natural breeze instead of the usual air-con blast in a Singapore shopping mall.

I decided to write more on the food at Star Vista because I happened to be on this food trail last week. So interesting to be eating with a few food bloggers who were armed with their DSLRs. They were snapping the dishes for the best savoury shot. Nice bunch of ladies. Visit their websites stated at the end of this post if you like to know more about the good food in Singapore! :)

And so with my humble (instagramfied) pictures, here are some of the upcoming Christmas menus. :)

1. Jamaicablue (CLOSED)

Who? Famous for coffee
Verdict? he person-in-charge was nice, he explained the background of Jamaicablue and went on to show and explain to us how a latte is made. But according to a few, latte for the night was a bit diluted. Bread pudding was filling but nice. Mousse was good even for me who doesn’t usually fancy one.



2. Brotzeit

Who? Famous for its pork knuckles, sausages and German beer.
Verdict? Delicious! The sharing platter of pork knuckles and sausages is good (except for the fish and chips on it), and I like their salty fries. And for the Christmas season, their interesting concoction of red hot wine with cinnamon and sugar is a thumbs up. The dish of ‘crust wrapped around the red meat and ham’ is yummy too!



3. Owl Cafe (CLOSED)

Who? Famous for its 3-in-1 coffee sachets sold in supermarkets. So it’s surprising to see them opening a cafe.
Verdict? They served quite a few dishes, but most of us were already full by then. But worth noting is their Laksa Spaghetti. Would go back to try that dish on an empty stomach! :P Apparently one of their best sellers. And be sure to try their gula melaka coffee or tea. :)


Laksa Spag

4. Marble Slab Creamery

Who? Famous for its flying ice cream chops as they mix your ice cream with your choice of fruits, nuts and candies.
Verdict? We tried their Christmas ice cream log cake – the cake wasn’t too happening, but the first mouth gives kind of a taste burst. Interesting taste bud experience. We prefer what they do best – their Christmas ice cream creation on waffles. The kinder beuno did the trick! ;P



And as promised here are websites of the food bloggers:

Happy Eating~~ ’tis is the season to be jolly!!

Updated 19 Sep 2018

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