What to Eat in Otaru? | Desserts Edition

As mentioned in my previous post of what to eat in Otaru, we stayed for a night at Dormy Inn Premium Otaru because we were making our way to Sapporo from Niseko. Hence we were able to start our day early at Sankaku Fish Market before the Sapporo crowd arrived. Yeap, most people come to Otaru as a day trip from Sapporo. :) In any case, this post is dedicated to those of you who have a sweet tooth. We didn’t manage to taste all the desserts in Otaru, but still had a sugar overdose that day. >.<

I have included photos of the shopfronts in this post to help you locate the restaurants. I too brought along such photos to recognise the shops! Otherwise, I would have more difficulties finding them by their Japanese signboards. Moreover Japan’s addresses can get confusing on Google map.

Use this map to locate the places to eat in Otaru as listed below. Zoom in at this high resolution map.

Otaru Map - travel.joogo.sg

Rokkatei Otaru (六花亭)

Rokkatei (六花亭) and Kitakaro (北菓楼) are two famous dessert and pastry shops in Hokkaido. You can be sure to find their shops and products around the prefecture. So, if you don’t want to buy and carry much stuff around Otaru, you can buy them in Sapporo or at New Chitose Airport. But we did see many people carrying big paper bags of goodies from these 2 shops.

These two shops are situated side by side along Sakaimachi Street as in the photo below. They’re just a short walk from Merchen intersection and Music Box Museum.

Btw, I love their architecture!

Kitakaro Otaru what to eat in Otaru - travel.joogo.sg

Rokkatei Otaru has a cafe on the 2nd floor, but by the time we reached Rokkatei we were quite full from the fresh seafood breakfast, Kamaei fishcake and Kitakaro’s cream puff. I read a review about Rokkatei’s cream puff tasting more like eclair and not as nice as Kitakaro’s, hence we skipped the puff at this stop.

On the first floor, you will find a range of food souvenir to buy home – from sweet to savory – in nicely wrapped gift box sets or in individual packs. We didn’t buy any because we decided to consolidate our orders from other brands at New Chitose Airport to hit the minimum amount for tax rebate.

Rokkatei Otaru - travel.joogo.sg

Shop Info:

Kitakaro Main Store (北菓楼) 

Kitakaro Otaru 3 - travel.joogo.sg

Personally I think the desserts look so appealing at Kitakaro! We made Kitakaro our first stop at Sakaimachi street because someone blogged about the famous cream puff running out by early afternoon.

So we tried, and this no-preservatives cream puff was absolutely awesome!! It costs ¥180 (S$2.30). I was tempted to get another one, but told myself to save my stomach for other desserts. I missed another opportunity to eat it at New Chitose Airport because I was already full from lunch. :(

Kitakaro Otaru 2 - travel.joogo.sg

We also bought their strawberry mochi at ¥150 (S$1.90) and it was again yummy! On the other hand, we tried samples of its popular baumkuchen and decided it wasn’t for us. However, if you liked it, you can always buy a whole baumkuchen from their New Chitose Airport’s branch and carry back to Singapore.

We also sampled their green tea cookies that are similar to the famous Shiroi Koibito. The taste was quite interesting and nice, so we bought them at the airport to bring home. Other available flavours include vanilla and chocolate.

All their desserts look so tempting!! 

Kitakaro Otaru 1 - travel.joogo.sg

Shop Info:

  • www.kitakaro.com
  • 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • 7-22 Sakaimachi, Otaru 047-0027, Hokkaido
    (Ref Map: Bottom left, locate “Jizakeya Kitachi” speech bubble and it’s just beside it.)
  • Other outlets include: New Chitose Airport, Daimaru in Sapporo.


There are 6 LeTAO stores in Otaru, and 5 of which are along Sakaimachi street: 1) LeTAO PATHOS, 2) Cheese Cake Lab, 3) Plus, 4) le chocolat and 5) main store. Can you spot them?

Le Tao Otaru - travel.joogo.sg

LeTAO PATHOS is LeTAO’s largest store with confectionery products sold on the first floor and a cafe on the second floor. Here you get to enjoy their popular Double Fromage, crepes, other sweets and even pasta.

LeTAO Cheese Cake Lab offers a variety of cheesecakes, including Double Fromage and the store-exclusive Deu Fromage roll. There’s an open kitchen to look at how the pastry chefs made those delicious cakes.

LeTAO Plus sells their main products, including Double Fromage and Royal Montagne. According to their website, the soft serve parfait of Double Fromage and raspberry sauce is exclusive to this store. Other than this, you can consider their signature rich vanilla milk ice-cream and cheese soft serve using camembert cheese.

Le Tao Otaru 1 - travel.joogo.sg

According to some, LeTAO served the best hokkaido ice cream. I think it would be so if we had tried their pure vanilla soft serve instead of the ¥420 (S$5.30) chocolate and vanilla soft serve twist at Le Chocolat. It was nice, but Yamanaka Dairy Farm’s ice cream had a stronger milk taste (more on that soon). But I must say, the chocolate in the ice cream satisfied the chocolate lover in me. Their hot chocolate is apparently recommended too.

LeTAO Le Chocolat is LeTAO’s chocolatier that offers many exclusive chocolate products made from premium ingredients. Every time we passed by a LeTAO shop, we were given a piece of chocolate, think Royce’s pyramid chocolate. They’re really generous with their samples! The chocolate we sampled was really nice, and hence we bought a box back to Singapore. Try all you want in Otaru, because there wasn’t any sample when I went to buy at their New Chitose Airport’s outlet.

p.s. LeTAO was originally a chocolate shop. 

Le Tao Otaru 6 - travel.joogo.sg

LeTAO Main Store is probably the original shop when they opened in Otaru in 1998. They have a cafe on the 2nd floor where you can try their Signature Double Fromage Cheesecake (ドゥーブルブルフロマージュ). We got the chocolate double fromage cake with a cup of tea for ¥864 (S$11). Instead of tea, you can also choose coffee or orange juice for the cake set.

So, what’s our verdict? It’s woooo lala! Okay, we were too busy enjoying the melting cake in our mouth to show any over the top reactions. But it’s so delicious we finished it in no time!! Too bad it’s so small. :( The tea also had a sweet aroma. I was tempted to buy the tea leaves which were sold sold in the store, but thinking of the many tea packets at home, I dropped the idea.

p.s. Do look out for their cake buffet that happens once a month (reservation required).

Le Tao Otaru 5 - travel.joogo.sg

Don’t go just yet! Head up to the 3rd floor of the main store and enjoy a 360 degrees lookout of Sakaimachi’s landscape and surroundings. From this vantage point, you can observe the bustle at Merchen intersection.

Le Tao Otaru 4 - travel.joogo.sg

Shop Info:

  • Shop List with addresses and shopfront photos: www.letao.jp/global/en/shop
  • 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, varies according to season.
  • LeTAO shops are generally near to Merchen Intersection and JR Minami-Otaru Station
    (Ref Map: Spot “Kitachi Glass Sangokan” speech bubble. Look above it, and also to the left.)

Yamanaka Dairy Farm (Ice Cream)

After sharing an ice cream cone at LeTAO, hubby and I decided to share another cone at Yamanaka Dairy Farm’s ice cream store (山中牧場) (“Yamanaka”). Yamanaka is a famous ice cream shop that has outlets around Hokkaido. Otaru alone has two outlets.

Yamanaka Dairy Otaru - travel.joogo.sg

Since Hokkaido is famous for its milk, how could I not eat the soft serve ice cream made from Hokkaido’s milk?! Moreover, what better way to try the milky ice cream than one made by a dairy farm! Of course, we ordered vanilla to fully enjoy the milky goodness.

At ¥270 (S$3.40), this ice cream is cheaper than LeTAO’s and the taste didn’t disappoint – it was thick and not diluted. It has a rich milk taste. LeTAO’s ice cream is nice because of the chocolate mix , but we prefer this. Even hubby who doesn’t like milk products prefer this! I’m shocked!

Yamanaka Dairy Otaru 1 - travel.joogo.sg

Shop Info:

  • yamanakabokujyou.co.jp
  • 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
  • 2 Locations:
    • 1-6-18 Ironai, Otaru, Hokkaido (Near JR Otaru Station. Walk from the station to the canal, it’s on your right along Chuo Dori Main Street)
    • 10-2 Sumiyoshichō, Otaru, Hokkaido 047-0015 (Near JR Minami Otaru Station.)


Amato (あまとう)

Amato is a long-established shop that’s patronised by Otaru residents for its Western confectioneries. This shop is not as well-known as other shops like Rokkatei and I regretted not visiting it. Because unlike those popular shops, this shop seems to have outlets only in Otaru. I’m not sure if it’s one or two outlet because the shop’s original location on the referenced map differs from that of their website, otaru-amato.com/amato.canal.html.

Based on online reviewers on the original AMATO, you can buy takeaway desserts at the 1st level or try “cream zenzai”, a red bean paste with ice cream dessert, at their cafe on the 2nd floor.

  • www.otaru-amato.com
  • 10:00pm – 7:00pm
  • Location
    • According to the website: (Ref Map #1: It’s near to one end of the canal, near to Otaru post office and Hotel Vibrant Otaru. For a better reference, refer to their website.)
    • Original: 2 Chome-16-18 Inaho, 047-0032 (Ref Map #2: Start from the big “Otaru” sign, then trace down the road from it and you will find AMATO at the right side. )

Kita No Aisu Ya San

Another place for ice cream! This is a must go if you are up for some unique ice cream flavours like: sea urchin, rose, beer, Japanese sake, squid ink, etc. Try beer! It’s housed in a converted warehouse built in 1892, look out for the ice cream banner at 1-2-18 Ironai, Otaru, Hokkaido.

Have a great time savouring the desserts in Otaru! Now, if you are thinking of what to eat in Otaru for your meals, be inspired by “5 Places to Eat in Otaru (Hokkaido, Japan)“.

Do you have other suggestions for what to eat in Otaru? Tell us below or on our Facebook Page or Instagram. Bookmark this page >> Overview Itinerary: Hokkaido and Tokyo (Winter/Spring 2016)

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