A Guide to Claim Travel Insurance (1)

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Read the quick guide to buy travel insurance.


Remember to always carry your travel insurance provider’s emergency contact, and your insurance policy number. This is so you can inform your insurer about your situation as soon as possible and they can promptly forward you other necessary documentation to submit your claim.

6 Steps to Claim Your Travel Insurance

1. Read Your Travel Insurance Policy (Pre-Emergency)

Do read through the travel insurance policy for exclusions (e.g. types of medical expenses covered or not, whether emergency phone calls while overseas are covered), claims limits and claim procedures.

The best time to read is not when something has already happened. Read it as you soon as you get your policy documents.

2. Contact your insurer

Contact your travel insurance company about your current situation. In case they need to send you documentation or forms to fill.

3. Get your supporting documents whilst overseas / in situation

Get all necessary supporting document to prevent delays in the claim process, or worse, have insufficient proof to claim.

Some examples of supporting documents you need to get whilst in the situation, depending on the type of claim:

  • Medical-related claims – 1) Original bills and receipts, 2) a medical report/inpatient discharge summary, and 3) the proof of the length of the hospital stay. Do refer to the policy for the list of documents to obtain if seeking treatment overseas or when you return.
  • Victim of Crime – “Proof of the event”. Having to file a police report while overseas for any loss cash, travel documents or personal effects. Give your statement and they will give you a police report that states what has happened. You might need a translator or to pay a “fee” for a proper report. *bummer*
  • Delays in flight or baggage will be addressed in greater details in the next post. [Post Pending]

4. Submit completed set of documents to your insurer

  • Know what you’re claiming for and choose the right claim form to complete. For medical related claims (incl. death or travel cancellation due to sickness you didn’t know), you may need a GP or Specialist to fill up sections of the form.
  • Copy of the policy/certificate of insurance
  • Passport
  • Itinerary (accommodation/flight) to prove that you had travelled or at least made plans
  • Other supporting documents depending on your type of claim

Depending on your policy, there is usually a time limit to how long you can wait to give written notice about your intention to claim. But don’t be last minute to gather documents, remember that third party involved, like the police or GP, will take time to get back to you.

5. Check with your insurer for updates

Check to make sure your insurer have received your supporting documents. Typically, claims take a week to a month to process.

If you haven’t heard anything from your insurer in two weeks, contact them. Just in case they need other supporting documents to start processing your claim.

 6. Appeal

Appeal, if necessary, to get as much compensation as possible. They may try to play with the words of their policy. Try not to let them convince you that they are not liable for a claim.

It’s always good to do some homework before buying a travel insurance – like comparing the various plans. Read our A Guide to Buy Travel Insurancefor your trip.

The next post will address on how to claim for specific situations, such as delays in flight and baggage.

Do you have any hair-pulling travel insurance claims experience to share?

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