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Bintan Argo Beach Resort

Price and additional surcharges usually includes: 2-way ferry tickets (taxes), 2-way Land transfer, 60 mins Massage, Breakfast, weekend surcharge, upgrade from the Deluxe/Standard Room
When? December 2014
Location: 1 hour from ferry terminal

 I didn’t stay at this resort, but really felt compelled to write about it after a short visit. I stayed at Bintan Spa Villa Resort (“Spa Villa”), the sister resort of Bintan Argo Beach Resort (“Argo”).

This was where we stayed at Bintan: Bintan Spa Villa Beach Resort Review

We visited Argo because we had time to kill while waiting for our last ferry back. Thought we could wait at Argo for the rain to stop and use their pool and have lunch there.

I had initially regretted choosing Spa Villa over Argo because there’s no pool at Spa Villa. And there seemed to be more activities at Argo, and looking at the website, Argo looks awesomely nice too.

Thank God we visited Argo, and realised how blessed we were to have managed to get a room at Spa Villa.

The first impression was vastly different from what we got from Spa Villa.

We were driven into Argo, and boy, the main entrance to the lobby was long. The whole place was huge! But sparse and there were construction works everywhere! And since it was raining when we reached,  the construction was stopped and the whole place looks like an abandoned construction site. Looks like they are building new buildings and spa rooms. But I reckon it’s going to take a long time before their new buildings are up…

A sneak peek of the construction works - bintanArgo1

When we finally reached the lobby, the buildings look run down. Sooo different from the pictures on their website! Either they got a real good photographer, or they took those ages ago. The building and, I guess, the rooms, should get a face-lift. Spa Villa is definitely newer.

The swimming also didn’t look too good in the rain. So we skipped that and went for lunch instead. The food turned out surprisingly good!



AND VINTAGE CAR - bintanArgo3

That’s about it!

And if you still want to try out Argo, be sure to get their deals at those deal websites like Groupon.  Seem like they are on it quite frequently.

During December 2014

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