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Riverview Tourist Park (
Price? A$320 (incl. VAT) for 3 nights, via
Accommodation Type: Chalet with Kitchen (3 Guests)
When? October 2013
Where? Margaret River

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Our experience? We arrived just after 7:00 pm and the reception was already closed. Wanted to use the payphone that was outside their office to call them, but… the line was dead. Fortunately, we managed to borrow a local mobile phone from someone staying in the park and contacted one of the staff (via their emergency tel no.). Turned out our keys were in the key drop box and we could have just gotten them without calling. Anyhow, in the box were our keys, the map to our cabin, and a complimentary packet of milk (which was a nice touch).

What say us? “Comfortable Cabin”
✔ Overall the stay was comfortable.
✔ It had most things we needed – a comfortable bed (2 in fact), a fully equipped kitchen (microwave, refrigerator, cooking utensils, etc), and a clean toilet (with towels).
✔ Location was not too bad. Short drive to the main road and visitor centre.

✘ One thing to note is the heat, or the lack of. We were there in October and it gets quite chilly at night. The heater was at the kitchen (central), but the heat wasn’t strong enough to reach our beds. So even with the heating and blankets, the room was still not warm enough (for us anyway). So if you’re afraid of the cold, be prepared to wear an extra layer before you sleep.
✘ Oh, the wifi was non-existent from our cabin. We had to make our way to the common area/kitchen to get decent wifi.

Recommended? Recommend for families travelling on a budget. The cabins are great for families IMO. Or if you’re just looking for a no-frills place to crash for your Margaret River visit.


Updated: 11 December 2013

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