Outskirts of Taichung (4): Taichung Flower Market

Following our stop at Lavender Cottage, it’s more flowers appreciation at Zhong She Tourist Flower Garden 中社观光花市 (“Flower Market” or “Flower Garden”). With the colourful array of flowers, your eyes will be in for a treat. Get your camera ready too!

Our itinerary was: Rainbow Village, Carton King, Lavender Cottage, Flower Market, Gao Mei Shi Di, and Fengjia Night Market.

Taichung Flower Garden

Flower Market’s Three Sections

Flower Market has three sections: Sea of Flower Zone (花海區), Potted Culture Zone (盆栽區), and BBQ Zone (烤肉區).

If you hire a driver and are on a standard Taichung Itinerary like us, you probably will not be eating at this BBQ place. However, if you have the chance to try their BBQ, you have to make reservations. Adult price is either NT280 (S$13) or NT320 (S$15) for Oct-May, Jun-Sep respectively. Price includes admission to the Flower Zone. More information at www.flowerjs.com.tw/?page_id=3621.

The potted zone is free to enter because it’s more of a nursery for people to buy potted plants back home. Something like Singapore’s Far East Floral. After visiting their flowers zone, this section pales in comparison.

Taichung Flower Market

In the flower zone, it is further sectioned into different garden plots. These beautifully curated gardens are grouped based on flower types. The rows of flowers are well manicured and taken care of. To admire the flowers in this zone, you have to pay for admission.

Taichung Flower Garden

Around the Flower Zone

After a disappointing trip to Lavender Cottage, I was not expecting much from Flower Market. Hence, we assumed our driver’s 1-hour time limit was more than enough for us (reason for time limit).

Taichung Flower Garden

Boy, were we wrong. We had to rush ourselves and even with that, we exceeded the time by 20 mins. First step in, and a pretty sight was set before our eyes. The whole place is bursting with bright colours. The cheery palette and fresh flowers smell have the effect of lifting one’s mood. Good first impression!

Taichung Flower Garden

We whipped out our camera in no time. These blossoming flowers in their vibrant hues definitely make a good backdrop for photos.

To let visitors take better photos, Flower Market has thoughtfully added boxes and step ladders at the different spots along the garden’s border. These are for the photographer to step up and take photos from a higher angle. It’s a better angle to take while you pose in the midst of the flowers.

Taichung Flower Garden

Based on the above photo, I believe you would agree that these flowers look better than those at Lavender Cottage. Lush and bushy. :P Oh and if you are walking into the sea of flowers for photo taking, be aware that your shoes might get a little dirty from the soil. And please don’t trample on the flowers as you step in.

Props and Structures

Flower Market has also smartly added props, such as piano and swing, for their visitors to pose with. I guess with only rows of flowers, the photos would turned out to be boring after a while.

Imagine yourself playing on a white piano in a sea of purple. Sounds dreamy already? Do you want to capture such a scene? I do, and so do others who were there. Thus we had to queue for a chance to pose with that fake wooden piano even though it’s a weekday. Same goes for a few other spots.

Taichung Flower Garden

Instead of simply rows of flowers, magnificent floral structures are also set up to make the place more fanciful. Walk under and through them, get mesmerised by the world of flowers.

Taichung Flower Garden


There were also other interesting finds. Mini architecture, such as windmill, or metal stripes structure that form the shapes of a heart, bird cage, stick man musicians, etc. All these added a nice touch to the whole place.

Taichung Flower Garden

Because of these nice additions, it’s no wonder Flower Market is a popular destination for pre-wedding photography. However, once the wedding couple hogged a place, it might take some time for them to be done. I was waiting to take photo of this particular spot, but they took up so much time, I gave up and left.

Taichung Flower Garden

Flowers are usually more of a thing for ladies instead of guys. Hence, at the fish pond area, I found quite a number of guys hanging around. A few of them even bought fish feeds to feed the fishes.

Taichung Flower Garden


According to Flower Market’s website, “We are the only flower market that succeeded in growing tulips in low altitude areas of central Taiwan. About 150,000 tulip bulbs with differing varieties are planted and in full bloom from January to March each year.”

Even though we were there during April, past the Tulip season, we managed to catch a few surviving Tulips.

Taichung Flower Garden


I like this place and would recommend Zhong She Tourist Flower Market if you have not been to such places. It’s lovely even if you are not into flowers. However, it did felt a bit man-made, transplanting or purposefully planting flowers into this plot of land. Can’t compare to flowers flourishing naturally in the wild.

Anyhow, have fun and be dazzled by the colours!~

Taichung Flower Garden

Entrance Fee for Flower Zone

  • January – March (鬱金香花季)
    • Adult: NT150 (S$7)
    • Concessionary Ticket*: NT75 (S$3.50)
  • April – December
    • Adult: NT120 (S$5.60)
    • Concessionary Ticket*: NT60 (S$2.80)

* Children (3 to 12yo), Elderly (65yo & above), Disabled

Operating Hours

Zhong She Tourist Flower Market is open from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm on Monday to Friday. Hours for BBQ area is extended to 9.00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Taichung Flower Garden

Where else are you going in the outskirts of Taichung? Leave a comment below. I love to hear from you!

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