What to eat in Sentosa and Vivo City (with the children)?

A year after my Review of Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa (Family Staycation), here’s the post on the yummy food we ate during our staycation. I forgot to follow up until the request from a friend, so here goes! Hope it gives you some ideas on where to eat with your children.

Food at Vivo City

Before we checked in at 3:00PM, we went to Vivocity for lunch and dessert.


Bornga is the brainchild of Celebrity Chef Paik Jong Won. Its signature dish, Woo Sam Gyup, is Chef Paik’s patented recipe of thinly sliced beef seasoned with a secret marinade.

We came across their executive lunch promotion and decided to give it a try. The chicken bbq and kimchi jjigae were so good that we decided to come back again for them. The children enjoyed them too.

Gram Pancake

Long queues were always spotted at Gram pancake during the weekends. Hence we decided to try it on a non-crowded weekday afternoon. Their fluffy pancake is apparently famous in Osaka.

Their signature “Premium Pancakes” has three 4-cm thick pancakes stacked together and served with butter, syrup and whipped cream. Good thing we reached shortly before the time they served this dish. Back then, “Premium Pancakes” used to be available at only three times a day. Now, they are available at every hour. However if they’re sold out during that hour, you might have to wait at least 30 mins for the next batch.

The pancakes are fluffy and reminded me of marshmallows. We devoured and they were gone in minutes. However, I was not blown away by it. I might have if this was the first time I tried it. But just days before, we had a similar fluffy pancake at Typhoon cafe. The pancakes from both shops tasted similar.

I see that Gram Pancake is serving savoury food now. If you tried them, let me know if they’re good!

Food at Sentosa

After Vivo City, the rest of our meals for the staycation were mainly at Siloso Beach, with the exception of one lunch at the Quayside Isle.

Good Old Days (Foodcourt & Western Grill)

Good Old Days has a halal food court, which is one of the few affordable options on Siloso Beach. Located right outside Beach Station (Sentosa Express), you can find local dishes and kids’ meals too. The food court was quiet when we had our dinner on a weekday night, at about 7:00PM. So I didn’t have much expectations for the food, but the dishes turned out better than expected. Laksa for the adults and western cuisine for the children to share.

Food at Good Old Days Foodcourt

Below the food court, there’s a Western Grill restaurant by Good Old Days. They serve chargrilled meat, mentaiko scallops, striploin steaks and other smoky favourites at affordable prices. Complimentary sides for every main dish ordered. We didn’t get to try this, so if you did, let me know how the food is!

Sunset photo with Good Old Days Foodcourt

Greenwood Fish Market

After spending the first morning in the pool, we ventured out of the Siloso Beach area. I was craving fish and chips and thus googled and found Greenwood Fish Market at Quayside Isle. We took the beach shuttle from our hotel to Beach Station, and then a bus to Quayside Isle. Would be much easier with a car on the island.

But the food at the Greenwood Fish Market was worth the hassle of travelling. The fish and chips were surprisingly fresh for a fried dish. Succulent meat and fried to yummylicious. Another dish worth mentioning is their complimentary warm bread basket. The bread went well with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar provided, you can also request for butter. If I am not wrong, they freshly baked the bread in the restaurant daily.


We wanted to have a meal at Coastes because that’s where hubby proposed to me, and now we wanted to bring our offspring to see where their parents’ matrimonial journey started. Considering how Sentosa is changing, I am surprised by how long Coastes has been at this same spot, at least for 9 years since the proposal.

Sadly, their kitchen was closed for the days we were in Sentosa! Their menu was limited to drinks and such. What a coincidence. So we took a photo at the entrance, although the staff by the door wasn’t that friendly to us.

  • 50 Siloso Beach Walk Singapore 099000
  • Sunday – Thursday: 9am to 9.30pm; Friday – Saturday: 9am to 10.30pm
  • No phone number because they prefer walk-ins. Or you can message them at their website.
  • www.coastes.com/visit / Instagram
Taking a picture with the Coastes signboard


See the photo above for the big cone of ice cream (hint: in Grace’s hand). The gelato ice cream comes in fruit flavours and is made with premium ingredients (with no artificial flavours or colourings). Needless to say, the children love it, and the parents too! A sweet treat after dinner. ;)

Currently, you can buy and redeem this Chope Deal “1-for-1 Large Gelato” in Gelatissimo outlets at Shaw House, Singapore Flyer, i12 Katong. Sign up for a Chope account with my referral link. Thereafter, book and dine through Chope and we will both get 300 Chope-Dollars.

Baristart Coffee started out in June 2015 as a coffee stand in Sapporo, Japan. Today, it has become a lifestyle café serving up a full-range menu. They have another outlet at Tras Street. Baristart Coffee prides itself on using Hokkaido milk that’s of exceptional quality – rich and creamy with a tinge of sweetness. They paired this milk with their selection of single-origin coffee beans to create a cup of smooth velvety latte.

Sounds like a cup of coffee to try out, even though I don’t drink coffee. My husband was unimpressed with the coffee though. Then again, his review might be skewed because he doesn’t drink milk and so got the black coffee. Go for the latte and let me know if it is as good as the shop says it to be!


After our lunch at Greenwood Fish Market, we rushed back to the hotel for our reserved beach timeslot. Played a bit of badminton and soccer with the equipments provided at Rasa Sentosa’s private beach.

After the swim and “exercise” under the hot sun, we were all hungry. And dinner was going to be Marrybrown! My parents used to bring me to the Marrybrown in Malaysia and I had good memories of it because of the indoor playground in their restaurants.

The food was alright, not bad, not particularly finger licking good, but enough to satisfy fried chicken cravings. :)

Other than fried chicken, Marrybrown serves burgers, nasi meals and even porridge! Kids set includes fried chicken, fries, Milo and a gift.

Enjoy up to 22% when you pre-purchase the meals on the Sentosa website.

Rasa Sentosa Hotel Breakfast

The third morning saw us in Rasa Sentosa’s pool and beach again. We are always late for our pool timeslot at 8:30AM because of the hearty breakfast buffet at Silver Shell cafe. This was is easily one of the best hotel breakfast buffet we tried. Jubilee, who was about 13-month-old also enjoyed the food, such as bread, yoghurt and milk.

Trapizza (by Rasa Sentosa)

On our last day, we stored our luggage with the front desk and went for lunch at the nearby Trapizza, followed by Nestopia (free with rediscover vouchers!). The two are right beside each other with Trapizza helmed by Shangri-la chefs, and Nestopia managed by Shangri-la staff.

The thin-crust pizzas are cooked in a custom-built oven and are tasty, but not as ooh lala as Zazz pizza. They have similar pricing, which is on the pricier side. You can also pair your meals with cocktails and Italian wines. We didn’t try out their fancy kids’ menu — build your own bento or indulge in a mega candy floss ice cream.

For takeaway, order online and collect from the takeaway counter at the restaurant.

Sunset photo of Good Old Days Foodcourt

Have you tried those mentioned? Or do you have any other eating places to recommend? Leave your reviews and suggestions in the comments box below. Love to hear from you. :)

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