Review of Airbnb in Warrnambool

If you have been following our Great Ocean Road self drive itinerary, you will know we made a stop at Warrnambool. So if you are staying for a night like us, read on for our review of an airbnb in Warrnambool. And find out more about what to do at Warrnambool here: ‘Warrnambool and Port Fairy of Great Ocean Road‘.

Price? S$99 / ~A$85 per night
Accommodation Type: Room with a double bed. Comes with private toilet but it’s not en-suite. Staying with the owners, their family and two cats.
When? 1 night in October 2013

Review of an Airbnb in Warrnambool

✓ Pros

Hospitable: The owners, Greg and Mercellez, were great host and made us feel welcomed. They were very hospitable and chatty. Mercellez even helped us with the booking of the Shipwrecked show. All we had to do was pick up the tickets at the counter.

p.s. The couple and their children are very much into the arts and theater scene. They even had an awesome looking theatrical mask in the room as decor! 

Homely: Breakfast was good as we sat with the family to eat and chat.

Space: Spacious room and comfortable bed


✘ Cons

Pets: We didn’t know they had 2 cats and I’m scared of animals. So it got a bit uncomfortable to have them roaming around when we were having breakfast or wanting to slip into our room at every door opening.

No Heater: It was a cold night for us and it would be good if the room was warmer.

No en-suite toilet: The toilet was all ours, just outside the room. However, I didn’t like to step out of the room in my disheveled self when there were people outside in the kitchen or living room. Not forgetting that opening the door presents an opportunity for the prancing cats to slip into the room.

Weak wifi: Internet connection was better in the kitchen than in the room.


Highly recommended if you are staying for one night. But I don’t think I will be back because of the cats! >.<

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