How to get from Haneda Airport to Tokyo (Shinjuku / Shibuya)

Scroll down for the various options to travel from Haneda Airport to Tokyo:

 Tokyo Monorail & JR

Easiest Way


  • 490 yen (one way) from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsu Cho; another 200 yen to Shinjuku
  • 500 yen (one way) from Haneda Airport Terminal to any station on the Yamanote Line. Sold on weekends, holidays and other select dates.

Duration: Every 3 to 5 mins; 14 minutes from Haneda Airport to Hamamatsu Cho JR station, 38 minutes to Shinjuku

Step 1) Take Tokyo Monorail from Haneda to Hamamatsu Cho (浜松町)

Tokyo Monorail Haneda Airport Line (東京モノレール羽田空港線) runs between Haneda Airport and JR Hamamatsucho Station and has three types of train: local, rapid and express – with different number of stops in between.

Operation runs from 5:00 am to midnight.

Where to purchase: From Tokyo Monorail ticket machines at Haneda airport.

Haneda Airport to Tokyo -

Step 2) JR Yamanote Line 山手線 towards Shibuya (if you are going Shinjuku)

At JR Hamamatsucho Station, transfer to JR Yamanote line if you are going to Shinjuku or Shibuya, travel time is about 18 and 25 minutes respectively.

Check out the 500 yen value fare if you are taking the JR Yamanote line:

Don’t forget to take your ticket from the ticket gate when you go through Monorail Hamamatsucho Station to JR Hamamatsucho.

Keikyu Line

Might be cheaper than Tokyo Monorail, but not as frequent

Price: 410 yen (one way) from Haneda Airport to JR Shinagawa; another 200 yen to Shinjuku (Route/Fare Search)
Duration: 11 minutes from Haneda Airport to Shinagawa JR station; 30 minutes to Shinjuku

Keikyu Line is also a good option, especially for those who wants to stop at Shinagawa JR or a station along the Toei Asakusa Line. If not, there are still many other lines at Shinagawa station to transfer to, such as Tokaido Shinkansen, Keihin-Tohoku line, Tokaido Main Line, Yamanote line, and Yokosuka line.

But the Keikyu Line is not as frequent as the Tokyo Monorail, especially in the early morning and midnight. you may have to wait long time at the platform (information on first and last trains). In this case, you might want to check out Keikyu Bus early morning/late night bus information.

How to purchase: To travel to the Tokyo area, press the ticketing machine’s “都営線 (Toei Line)” or “JR線品川乗換 (Transfer to JR Lines)” button and buy your ticket.

Airport Limousine

Convenient but at mercy of traffic

Price: From 900 yen (one way), depending on where you are going. Check the fare for your route at
Duration: Every 30 to 60 minutes, 22 minutes to Shinjuku

This is a convenient option, you can purchase the ticket and hop on the bus at the arrival lobby. However, the journey can be significantly longer during rush hour traffic.


It is cheaper to take a taxi from Haneda to Tokyo than from Narita, but it is still expensive, with fares from ¥10,000, depending on where you are going in the city.

It might be a good transportation option for travelers arriving in Japan late in the night as most other means into Tokyo stop operations after 1am.

Hope the above information helps you to make the right decision!

So how will you be travelling from Narita airport to Tokyo downtown areas? Or do you have a better alternative? Do share with us below or on our Facebook Page or Instagram.

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