Top 5 Things To Do In New Chitose Airport Sapporo

So what are the things to do in New Chitose Airport Sapporo? Firstly, EAT! We arrived at New Chitose Airport in time for dinner! It was a long flight from Singapore, with a transfer at Narita Airport. There are many things to do at the airport, but we arrived after most of the shops’ opening hours.

Looking at the offerings, one can easily spend a few hours in the airport! So be sure you get to the airport early to explore. In this way, you wouldn’t miss your flight too!

Things to do in New Chitose Airport Sapporo:

1) Eat a Bowl of Oishii Ramen!

Ramen Dojo

Things to do in New Chitose Airport Sapporo - Ramen -

Ramen is a noodle soup dish that is well known as a specialty of Hokkaido. There is a huge variety of Ramen in terms of its soup base, noodles and toppings across Japan. There are also variations between the regions within Hokkaido: Sapporo’s miso broths, Hakodate’s salt-based broths and Asahikawa’s soya sauce based ones.

Things to Do in New Chitose Airport Sapporo - Ramen -

Even if you don’t travel out of New Chitose Airport, you will get an opportunity to try one of the famous ramens. There’s an alley called Hokkaido Ramen Dojo (北海道ラーメン道場) at Domestic Terminal Building 3F. The alley is lined with Hokkaido’s most famous ramen shops, each with their signature cooking style.

Ebisoba Ichigen (えびそば 一幻)

Sapporo Airport - Ebisoba Ichigen -

We tried the ramen at Ebisoba Ichigen. Ichigen is famous for its shrimp-based ramen. It’s a bit like Singapore’s prawn noodles, but the noodles is a bit more taut or “QQ” as compared to Singapore’s ramen.

There are 3 kinds of soups: a regular shrimp based straight soup, a straight soup mixed with tonkatsu soup, or a thicker version of the mixed. We ordered the first two, and preferred the former for its strong prawn taste.

Sapporo Airport - Ebisoba Ichigen 1 -

Ebisoba Ichigen is apparently the more popular one among others at the alley. It usually has a snaking long line, so thank God for empty seats when we arrived. The queue started forming only after we ordered. If you want to try, it’s the first shop on your right. Otherwise, you can go to other branches in Sapporo or Tokyo.

Hours: 10:00am – 9:00pm (L.O. 8:30pm)
Location: Domestic Terminal Building 3F

2) Shop for Hokkaido’s Food Souvenir and Gifts

Food souvenirs - New Chitose Airport

There are many famous sweet treats in Hokkaido that you can buy back as souvenirs. And the best part is… they are all packaged nicely! Aesthetically pleasing and definitely a good buy as gifts.

We went to Otaru and were so tempted to sweep up the many treats from Rokkatei, Kitakaro, and LeTAO. And also the famous Ishiya Shiroi Koibito cookies (白色恋人) when we visited its factory in Sapporo. But since we are not buying super a lot from each shop to qualify for tax refund, hubby suggested a better idea!

Sapporo Airport - Shiroi Koibito 1a -

Consolidate our food buys at a tax free shop in New Chitose Airport. There are a few tax free shops, such as ANA Festa and Tokyu Store, that carry a variety of food souvenirs from the different brands, including Royce’, and also instant noodle ramen. These shops are located in the public and not transit area, that is before you go through the immigration counters.

Thank God we bought these souvenirs at New Chitose airport. Other than the tax savings, we didn’t have to pack and carry them in our luggage as we travelled around Hokkaido. What’s more, it’s fresher to buy them just before we board our outbound flight!

Sapporo Airport - Shiroi Koibito 1b -

If you cannot find what you want at these “consolidated” shops, you can still search for the respective brand outlets in the airport for your buys. For example, I wanted this chocolate by LeTao, but it was not sold in ANA Festa or shops alike. Thus I went to the LeTao outlet at New Chitose airport and got what I wanted. Yays!

New Chitose Airport 3F Map-

Do check out the many more food available at New Chitose Airport. There’s the freshly fried potato chips at Calbee+, the mouthwatering bake cheese tart at Kinotoya, and the fluffy Snaffles cheesecake. I really miss the tart and cheesecake…..

ANA Festa
Domestic Terminal Building 2F

Tokyu Store
Domestic Terminal Building 2F

3) Visit Royce’ Chocolate World

Royce Chocolate World - New Chitose Airport -travel.joogo.sgImage Credit:

Royce’ is Hokkaido’s local chocolate maker and it has set up Royce’ Chocolate World, the first chocolate factory and museum located inside of a Japanese airport.

Learn about the process of chocolate making, history of chocolate and view collections from around the world. Then with a self guided factory tour, see the various steps of chocolate making. Of course, there’s a shop for you to buy their tasty treats! But you should go to the tax free shops in New Chitose Airport to consolidate your Royce’ purchase with other souvenirs and qualify for tax rebates! ;)

Pricing: Entrance Free
Hours: 8:00am-8:00pm | Factory: 8:30am-5:30pm | Bakery: 9:00-8:00pm
Location: Connecting Path, 3F

4) Have Fun at Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park

Doraemon - New Chitose Airport

Image Credit:

If you are a big fan of Doraemon, be sure to visit the Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park. With many large Doraemon figurines, have fun exploring the themed attraction. View Doraemon animation and read its books. Or participate in Doraemon Craft workshop (buy and colour plain plaster figurines) or take photo in sticker booth.

You can also eat at its cafe with Doraemon themed dishes. They’re super cute! We didn’t actually go to this skypark or eat here, but we went to a similar but bigger Doraemon museum in Tokyo. And the dishes were kawaii and oishii!

Pricing: It’s free except for the entertainment park zone. Adults 800 yen; Students from 400 yen; Free for children below 3 years old.
Hours: 10:00am to 6:00pm | Shop till 6:30pm.
Last admission/order Park Zone: 5:30pm | Workshop 5:00pm | Cafe 5:00pm
Location: Connecting Path, 3F

5) Pamper yourself at New Chitose Airport Onsen

Onsen Public Bath: There’s an indoor and outdoor public bath, with its hot spring properties helping to improve blood circulation and effective to incision, burn and chronic skin disease as well as children weakness and chronic gynopathy. It is also Beauty Bath (a PH value of 8) that gives you a smooth skin.

Relax: There are also rooms with beds for you to rest or nap after a relaxing time at the hot spring. There are also guest rooms for you to sleep and catch your morning flight.

Spa: There is a variety of wellness treatments, such as bodycare, body treatment, facial treatment and foot treatment.

Food: Dining room with various main dishes and desserts, and also complimentary drinks, including coffee and tea. It opens until 3:00am, good for those who get hungry at night.

Pricing: Check out the price menu at its website:
Hours: 10:00am-9:00am (23 hrs). Public Bath ends at 8:00am (reception time ends at 7:30am); it will also be closed for some days in March because of the legal facility maintenance.
Location: Domestic Terminal Building 4F

What are you planning to do at New Chitose Airport? Do share with us below or on our Facebook Page or Instagram.

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