Review: Airbnb (Perth, Joondalup)

Price? S$95/~A$80 per night
Accommodation Type: Airbnb Room, Private Toilet (
When? 2 nights in October 2013

Our experience? We were flying in from Melbourne and our friend drove us from the airport to the airbnb place. And by the time we reached the place, it was already dark. We couldn’t find the house initially, because it was right at the end of the road, and secluded – there weren’t lights around the house and street lights were dim. Kinda scary. But when John and Margit came to the door, they lit up the doorway and we heaved a sigh of relief. We placed our luggage in the room and headed out for dinner straightaway. Our friend gave us a ride to nearby eating places because they couldn’t join us. So after dinner, we had to walk back to the airbnb place – across a large field – took us about 10 to 15 minutes to walk.

On our last day, we needed to leave for the airport. So John gave us a ride to the nearest train station for us to get to the city to take a bus to the airport.

What say us?

Helpful Host:  John made sure that we were able to locate his place and even offered to drive us to and from the train station.
✔ Awesome Place: The home was very clean and comfortable. John has a lovely garden at the back of his house and it’s worth checking it out!
✔  Strong wifi signal
✔  Kitchen: We could help ourselves to the food in the kitchen for breakfast, tea and coffee – quite a good selection they have!

Location:  The place would be more accessible with a car.
✘ Toilet: The bathroom is not attached to the room. But it is next to the room and we had exclusive use of it.
Heating and air-conditioning: Do note that it’s central heating and air conditioning. So we couldn’t adjust the temperature in our room to meet our needs.

Recommended? Will go back to stay only if we have a rented car to travel around in. Do consider if you have a car, because It’s quite affordable, comparing to the accommodation prices in Perth. :)

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