Review: Dormy Inn Premium Otaru

Accommodation Review of Dormy Inn Premium Otaru

Double Room (Non-Smoking):; booked via*
Price: ¥8,990 per night (~S$113), price before cashback*
Duration: 1 night in March 2016 (Thursday night)

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First up, the location is excellent. The hotel is just opposite the train station and you can see it the moment you step out of JR Otaru. We reached Otaru quite late in the evening and so the near proximity to the train station was a big plus for us (no need to walk too far in the freezing cold!).

If you are staying in Otaru for one night, I would suggest you stay near the train station rather than the Otaru canal. Otherwise you will have to roll the luggage down and up the slope in the cold to reach the hotel nearer to the canal.

Oh, and there’s a convenience store/pharmacy under the hotel building, accessed via stairs outside the hotel.

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A red brick building was right opposite our room. Be sure to close your curtains to avoid exposing yourselves. Otherwise, the room view was great! If you like a great view, request for higher floors, but if you want to use the hotel amenities at level 2, it’s better to stay at lower floors. And if you don’t like high foot traffic, avoid level 2.

Room & Toilet

Next, the room. The hotel didn’t look much from the outside but the interior is very, very well equipped.

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The room was not very big, but it had everything you need for a comfortable stay – comfortable bed, sufficient heating, kettle for drinks, refrigerator, air purifier, television and a fully-equipped toilet. The room is quite well-designed in our opinion, so that there’s sufficient space for movement and luggage.

We walked by rooms with tatami floor and took a quick peep inside, they looked slightly bigger.

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Open the main door, and you will see the wash basin, and a small clothes rack is behind the main door.

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Hotel Amenities

Interesting feature in the lift–a chair to rest on. Open the lid and you will find useful items during an emergency.

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A big reason we will definitely recommend the hotel is the complimentary onsen. It’s a public onsen (separate male and female public bath). It’s a great place to relax those aching muscles. I didn’t use the onsen, but Mr S did, and he said it was huge and crowded – different from the intimate one we tried at Niseko and Noboribetsu (which i adore!).

Dormy Inn Premium Otaru - official

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The hotel has different pools of water with different mineral properties. There is also a sauna. After soaking, Mr S even had a complimentary bowl of hot noodles in the restaurant. Only happens during winter evenings. Perfect comfort food after coming out from a nice onsen session.

Overall, a very comfortable stay for a very affordable rate. Highly recommended.

a melancholic room view

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Other than Dormy Inn Premium Otaru, do you have other hotels in Otaru to recommend? Do share with us your recommendations below or on our Facebook Page or InstagramBookmark this page >> Overview Japan Itinerary: Hokkaido and Tokyo (Winter/Spring 2016).

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