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We had a complimentary staycation in Singapore, because TL WON A 1N STAY AT HOTEL CLOVER THE ARTS! Woots~

Usual Website Price? ~S$247.40/night with Complimentary Breakfast (incl. service charge & GST)
Accommodation Type? The Arts King (the most expensive)
When? 1 night in July 2015 (Staycation)

Ratings as at 18 September 2015
▷ Tripadvisor, 4/5 | Agoda 7.4/10 | Expedia 3.6/5 | 7.9/10

Simplicity in Luxury.

This is the hotel tagline.

Looking at the photos on the hotel’s website, this was also our expectation.

What we had in mind:

Hotel Clover 8 -

What welcomed us:

Hotel Clover 5 -

Looking at how artistic the rooms are, we were searching for a stylish hotel entrance.
Not a very fantastic first impression.

Hotel Clover 5a -


When we first arrived at the reception desk, there was no one around. After a few minutes of us searching, the receptionist guy somehow sensed our presence and came out from the office. Other than the waiting, the check in was friendly and efficient.


Other than the rooms, the lift lobby wall is also painted.
Though my sense of art didn’t quite appreciate it. :x

Hotel Clover 12 -


Clover Room Sign

Hotel Clover 1a -

This part of the room is really photogenic

Hotel Clover 1 -


Good location : This hotel is in the heart of the city. Very near to Clark Quay–famous for its clubs and pubs. So if you like to party, this accommodation might be ideal for you. Nearest station: Clark Quay MRT. The hotel is also near to Chinatown.

Comfortable bed and sheets: Nice to sleep in!

Wifi: Free and strong wifi.

Complimentary Drinks: Two bottled mineral water and two cans of soft drink. Nescafe coffee capsules and tea sachets are also available for free.

Fragrant and clean: First step into the room, and we were swooned by the sweet smelling aroma. The room, toilet, and sheets were all clean. The light switches were well-labelled too!

Hotel Clover 4 -

✓ Good view: Our room on the fifth floor had a window. Hence we were able to get a good view of the city skyline. However, do note that there’s no window for entry level rooms. But you can still get the view from their rooftop.

Hotel Clover 10 -
We spotted a rainbow!! And a double rainbow later on.

Hotel Clover 11 -

Hotel Clover 9 - Well-equipped amenities: Toiletries, bathrobes, room slippers, hair dryer, cotton buds, etc.

Hotel Clover 2 -

Hotel Clover 7 -


Bed: The height of the bed is too high! I literally had to climb up (I’m 153cm). It should be alright for those who are taller. I can’t imagine rolling down the bed. :x


Toilet Bowl: The leg space of toilet bowl is very very narrow. It’s just nice for my bended knees (I’m 153cm), but for those who are much bigger, it might be a bit squeezy when you sit on the toilet bowl.

Shower Area: There are no hooks or even space for me to hang my towel or clothes! I can make do with hanging them at the metal bar handle on the door, but I had to stretch out my hands from the inside to grab them. And my towel and clothes risked dropping to the floor. The area is also too tiny for either of us to change in the shower area too. We are a married couple, so no problem for us to step out and change in the room. But for friends, make sure they look the other way!

Toilet sink: The sink and some toiletries are placed outside of the wet toilet area. So remember to bring in the necessities in case you drip all over the room to get them, or call to your travel partner for help.

Noise: Our room faced the main road and hence it got noisy at times, especially in the day.

p.s. The shower and toilet bowl areas are partitioned separately. 

Hotel Clover 3 -


  Good service: A one waiter show, but still friendly.

✘ Food: Not fantastic. We were there during a non-peak period, so there were still lots of leftover at the end of the breakfast timing.

Hotel Clover 13 -

✘ Seating area: Interesting artwork around the dining area, but there were limited seats. Even fewer seats in the air conditioned indoor area. So we were left with hot and humid outdoor dining. They had a huge fan blowing, but still not enough for a hot late morning. One more thing, the place to have breakfast is at the back of the hotel building, with a full view of a typical back alley. IMO, not very conducive for a dining place.

Hotel Clover 14 -

Regardless a free staycation! Yays!

Hotel Clover 15 -


The original price was S$400+ for this room, and now with discount, it’s still priced at S$200+. For S$200+, I would have expected the room to be bigger, and hotel equipped with swimming pool, gym, etc. Hotel Clover The Arts feels more like a no-frills boutique hotel, yet with well-equipped basic amenities such as toiletries. Other than the very central location in Clark Quay and Chinatown, I wouldn’t pay such a price for the room.

If you really love the location, or want to stay in the arty rooms they have, I recommend you to choose a cheaper room (which will be smaller, though The Arts King is not big in the first place) and also get it at their promotional rates.

Updated 19 September 2015

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