Review of Grampians Eco YHA (Halls Gap)

We arrived at Halls Gap (Grampians) after our Great Ocean Road drive and stayed for a night. Our accommodation is Grampians Eco YHA, an eco-certified youth hostel that has been designed with the environment in mind.

Price? ~A$27 to A$30 per person per night
Accommodation Type: Hostel, 3 Share Mixed Room
When? 1 night in October 2013


Our experience? 

✓ The Good

Nice Design and Eco Friendly: We were blown away by the hostel’s design, both the exterior and interior were nicely blended into its natural surroundings. The whole place, except the room, looked classy in its wooden form. It was also designed to be eco-friendly. Moreover, instructions were pasted everywhere to remind us to be eco-friendly!

Maintenance: The place was clean and well-maintained, even the toilets were in tip top condition. It’s not run down like other youth hostels I stayed in the past.

Location: The accommodation is only 2 mins drive away from the city center, Halls Gap. However, most of the time we spent our time in the nature, so it didn’t matter much. Just being in the vicinity of Halls Gap was convenient to access the nature trails.


Toilet: The toilet was near to our room, so it was convenient. However for some rooms, the guests have to walk through a hallway of rooms to reach the toilet. So depending if you prefer convenience or privacy, request a room to your preference.

Not crowded. Diverse guest profile: The place was not crowded probably because we were there during the low season. Another thing, we were surprised to see quite a number of elderly folks around this youth hostel. But we could see that they were young at heart! They did not mind sharing the toilets and kitchens and were friendly. We did simple cooking with maggi mee and spam from the supermaket, but they whipped up a storm!

Kitchen and dining hall: Talking about the kitchen, it was clean and had all the necessary appliances and utensils for cooking and eating. Most guests were courteous and cleaned up after use. Their dining hall had a nice window scenery too.

YHA3 -

✘ The Bad

No free wifi: We had to pay to use the WiFi connection, but we decided to go offline.

Reception Hours: The receptionists were friendly, that is if we could find anyone at the front desk. They’re not there 24/7. So, the check in time is strict, otherwise do tell them if you will be late or early for someone to be there for you. But you can check out any time. Simply drop off the keys in a box when you leave. However this was bad for us because we needed directions to Melbourne when we were leaving the hostel. No one was there to help us out. Thank God, they had already came in for their shift and were in the back office. So when we rang the front desk bell, someone came out to help us.

YHA1 -


Highly recommended! Nice hostel as compared to many other hostels I have stayed in. But if you are looking for service, mini fridge, etc, remember this is still a hostel, regardless of its nice design.

By the way, we got their mixed shared triple room because it was still quite expensive for us to get their private rooms. Hence, we paid by per bed, and hoped the hostel was not crowded and no third person would join us. And in the end, we did have the whole room to ourselves without getting the private room! :)

Do you have other questions or recommendations for the accommodation at Halls Gap? Ask us below or on our Facebook Page or Instagram.

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