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There are three main telco providers in Thailand: AIS, DTAC and True Move. They have similar pre-paid data SIM data plans. AIS is the oldest with the most established network.

Bangkok - Sim Card - travel.joogo.sgPurchase of a new SIM card/number

  • Purchase Locations

BKK airport, 7-11 convenience stores, and operators’ shops (Central World, Siam Paragon, etc). At the airport, DTAC is beside AIS. If you are facing AIS shop, walk to your right to find Truemov.

Don Mueang Airport (DMG), Bangkok’s budget airport, now has a True Move store. But queue can get ridiculously long.

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1, 2 and 3. You can get AIS SIM here, but it might cost slightly more expensive, depending on the exchange rates. You can walk in and purchase or buy online and collect. Note though, the telcos in Thailand are able to help you put in the SIM card and you can test the connection on the spot. 

Those flying AirAsia can buy Tune Talk Tourist Sim at 299 Baht.

Online. You can order online for DTAC and collect at airport.

If you are purchasing offsite (online or on AirAsia), it is a good option if you want to avoid queues. But you may miss out on other telco’s ongoing promotions.  

  • Good to Know

– Telcos do stock all SIM card sizes from normal, micro SIM to nano SIM.

– Telcos also allow data tethering.

– Some international calls are charged lower than domestic or VoIP call, . For this you have to use certain IDD prefixes: <IDD prefix> <country code> <area code> <local number>

– Normally Thai SIM cards expire 45 days after the last top up, sometimes even sooner for “Tourist Cards”.

– Tip: For those planning to travel a lot and call within Thailand, you may want to consider One-2-call AIS SIM card instead. It seems to have the strongest signal, even in more remote areas; while, True Move seems to lose coverage.

Comparison: SIM Card Plans

1) AIS

For calls and SMS: One-2-call. If you don’t think you are using 1.5 GB of internet during your stay, you can buy AIS SIM Freedom 3G 12call (max 99 Baht) plus an internet data package of 160 MB (50 Baht).

Traveller SIM:

  • Call Singapore at 1.5 Baht/min.
  • AIS has a free feature: Home Connect Service (scroll down their website).

– Incoming SMS and calls are forwarded from your home mobile number.

– Though don’t pick up the forwarded incoming call, but return these ‘unanswered call’ by using the 003 or 00300 prefix starting from 2 Baht/minute and 1 Baht/minute respectively.

– This free feature is available for selected telcos in Singapore (Singtel, M1), Japan, Russia and China.

  • They have 10 and 30 days internet & call packages as well (ranging from 449 Baht to 1,049 Baht).
  • You can also get this SIM card at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1, 2 and 3 (scroll to the top for details).


 AIS Other unlimited internet package

AIS Sim -


Happy Tourist SIM:

  • Call Singapore at 2.5 Baht/min.
  • They have 10, 15 and 30 days internet & call packages as well (ranging from 449 Baht to 1,049 Baht).
  • You can order online (scroll to top for details).


DTAC Other unlimited internet package

DTAC Sim -

3) True Move

Tourist Sim:

  • The only operator available at Don Mueang Airport (DMG) (scroll to the top for details).



Going as an individual, a couple or group?

Since we will be travelling as a couple, we don’t really need to call each other. But if you are going in a group or foresee yourself going on separate itineraries, it’s good to get AIS unlimited call between the various traveller SIMs.

Unlimited Internet and Speed

We are interested in the unlimited internet offered by the operators. Good option to google map or get our social media fix without worrying it will burst our budget.

Since we will be in BKK for only 5 days, 7-days unlimited internet SIM will suffice. But, AIS’s 199 Baht SIM comes with only 500 MB high speed usage.

So we are considering the 299 Baht SIM for all three operators.

Calling Home (Singapore)

We are unlikely to call home often in our short 5 day stay in Thailand. But just in case of emergencies, it’s always good to get one with cheaper calling rates.

And it seems like international calls for DTAC is slightly higher than the rest.

So we are left with 299 Baht SIM for AIS and True Move. And with AIS SMS and call forwarding service,

Mr S got the AIS 299 Baht SIM and it works fine for us! Mr S phone had the SIM card to call, surf and google map, while I tethered data from him whenever I need the internet :)


Updated 20 March 2016

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