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Price? 8,840.02 Baht (S$350)
Accommodation Type? Hotel and Service Residences. Deluxe Suite, including breakfast (Complimentary upgrade to 1-Bedroom Suite).
When? 4 nights in April 2015

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Evergreen Place 1a -

Ratings as at 6 April 2015
▷ Agoda 8.2/10 ▦ Expedia 4.1/5 ▦ 8.4/10
Tripadvisor Reviews, 4.5

 The Yays

✓ Location: Good and convenient location. About 3 to 5 minutes walk to Ratchathewi BTS, which is 1 stop away from Siam BTS. And about 10 to 15 minutes walk to Siam Discovery.

Tip #1: Walk through Asia Hotel for a shortcut from BTS to the hotel. From the BTS, exit to Asia Hotel. Once in Asia Hotel, walk straight… and turn left at junction, then you see an escalotor on your left. Head down and and exit Asia hotel. Once out, turn right and right into an alley. 

Tip #2: The entrance is hidden. If you walk along the main road, you will not see any hotel but 7-Eleven. The hotel is behind. Turn into the alley before you reach 7-Eleven. Walk straight. 

✓ Good view: Situated at the 20th floor, we had awesome unblocked views.

Evergreen Place 4 -

Evergreen Place 5 -

✓ Free Room Upgrade: We booked a deluxe suite and got a free upgrade to a 1-Bedroom Suite, suitable for long term stay.

Tip: The price difference between Deluxe suite and junior one-bedroom suite is actually quite small, about S$25 (US$19) per night. 

✓ Spacious 1-Bedroom Suite: There’s the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closet/corridor. The kitchen has all the necessary utensils and cooking tools. Also, the television can be rotated 360 degrees and thus shared between the adjacent living room and bedroom. Definitely a spacious place for a couple!

✓  Wifi-Equipped Room: Good connection. But you got to log in every day, or whenever you are out of wifi range.

Evergreen Place 3 -

✓  Branded Toiletries: I like the smell of lemongrass that comes from Mt Sapola in Singapore, relaxed me a while whenever I walked past the shops. So I am pleasantly surprised to see that their toiletries are from Mt Sapola, lemongrass. But too bad, I couldn’t take the beautifully designed bottles home, they are chargeable. -.-

Evergreen Place -

Evergreen Place Pool -✓  Non-crowded swimming pool: We scheduled an afternoon to swim, but it rained before we did! But it is not crowded most of the times, except probably in the morning, where a few were seen to go before breakfast. The pool is just beside the dining area on the 7th floor.

✓ Staff’s Hospitality: 

When we first reached, we saw a well-dressed lady talking to someone near the entrance. We thought she’s one of the residents. We were about to walk past her when she suddenly turned towards us and greeted “Sawadeeka” with the hand praying gesture!

Is she just a super friendly resident who stayed at this hotel?

The next morning, she was at the breakfast area and greeted us “Sawadeeka”, well dressed again. This time she was also holding a board and asking for our room number. We were guessing she’s either the manager or owner of this place.

Another noteworthy staff to praise is this guy in the picture below. He always carried a smile. Once, when we got into the same lift, he chatted with us in good english. Friendly guy! And he automatically gave a thumbs up pose when we wanted to take a picture of him.

Evergreen Place 2 -

 The Hmms

Breakfast: Our room came with buffet breakfast. The reviews on the breakfast were very good. But to us, it was okay but not exceptional. Though I must say, it is good that their menu has a bit of variation for the 3 mornings we were there.

Secret Tip: Order an omelette from the waiter. Made to order. Not chargeable. =)

Evergreen Place 6 -

Crockroach: The housekeeping left us a piece of paper informing us about their pest control maintenance for our room. But it was not during the period of our stay. So we brushed it aside.

But one night, I was making my way to the bathroom, when I nearly stepped on a big fat cockroach! It was dead, near our bed. Mr S had to throw it away himself.  *gasp*! We didn’t cook in the kitchen at all!

I reflected the incident to the reception the next morning after asking her for some directions. She who spoke not-too-bad English suddenly didn’t understand what I was saying. I gave up explaining and wanted to leave when the duty manager who was nearby asked if I saw a bug. YES! And so he said he would ask someone to spray insecticides at the corners of the room.

It’s good that they have pest control maintenance, but probably should have scheduled it more frequently. I suspect the kitchen attracted the bugs. But at least the hotel is doing something to exterminate them.


This is a relatively affordable place, considering its proximity to the Siam centre. If you are on a budget and want to be in a good location, this could be an option.

I would recommend this place for families, especially those with young children. And will also recommend this well-equipped place to people who are staying long term. We saw a particular service apartment being decorated with personal stuff, so we reckoned the guest was there for the long haul.

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