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Bangkok Itinerary Overview (2015). p.s. Read about our post of how to get from BKK airport to downtown.

MBK (Mah Boon Krong)

National Stadium MRT or Siam BTS

You can find all sorts of goods here, such as clothings, electronics, jewellry and gold. MBK stuff is generally cheaper than the other malls in Siam area. Though, many things seemed overpriced to me as compared to Chatuchak or Platinum mall. For some, it is to visit the Tokyu Departmental Store.

If you are looking for non-shopping entertainment, you can go to its cinema, bowling alley, restaurants, etc.


We went to MBK solely to buy medicinal items and local foodstuff / products (e.g. dried fruits)


However, we found another shop later at Asiatique that sells what we bought at MBK (meds and food)….. at a relatively cheaper rate! *heartache* Though the selection at Asiatique is limited, it has the “famous” or typical ones Singaporeans get. More about the shop on the post about Asiatique. But if you are not going to Asiatique or prefer a wider selection at MBK, the 2 shops we bought from are located at 3th floor B Zone.

MBK 1 -

Clockwise: For diarrhoea, flu, blue black bruises and dizziness/insect bite/muscle ache/many more.

MBK 1a - 

Siam Square One 

Siam BTS

Siam Square One only opened in June 2014 and is the latest addition to Siam Square. Its architecture reminded me of Star Vista in Singapore –  an open concept mall that is naturally cooled mall instead of fully air-conditioned. The mall has lots of spaces, which provides a good shopping experience. It is also conveniently connected to Siam BTS via a walkway. siam sq 1 -

The place has a youthful vibe, which of course meant the mall attracts a younger crowd (think Bugis in Singapore). The clothing didn’t look cheap but fashionable and trendy. Looks like emerging fashion designers are setting up their stores here too.

There are also a good selection of restaurants and cafés. You can shop on the lower floors and eat at the upper floors. Standing at 7 storeys, you can also go to the top floor to relax at their Sky Hall and Roof Garden.

And to all HELLO KITTY fans, there’s a Hello Kitty House here! The multi-storey unit comprised of a cafe, merchandise shop and spa! But apparently, the food and service is not good and overpriced. So it depends how big of a Hello Kitty fan you are.


Anyway, Siam Square One is quite a maze and confusing. Having said that, it is still nice to explore around here, which might take at least a few hours. Too bad we didn’t have much time to explore the mall. :( Shall slot this mall in my itinerary on my next visit.

siam sq 1a - 

Somboon Seafood (建興酒家) 

Somboon Seafood (建興酒家) was recommended to us, and featured in a number of travel guides and blogs. Their signature dish is the curry fried crab. So if you are a fan of crab, it’s something you might want to try!

16389542486_a36551b877_kThey have an outlet at Siam Square 1 (4th floor), which opens from  11:00 AM – 10:00 PM. We were warned that the food at this outlet is not fantastic. A recent review of this outlet is not that good either. We weren’t able to schedule a visit Somboon this time round, but we think it’s still worth a try in their other 7 Locations! Not all are open for dinner~ ;) Note: Beware of a fake Somboon Seafood scam as mentioned on their website. Apparently taxi drivers would drive customers to a copy, Somboon Dee, and receive commission.  

SOM TAM NUA @ Siam Square Soi 5

Som Tam Nua Som Tam Nua serves a variety of papaya salad, chicken wings, etc. I thought they were famous for their chicken wings when I was there for the first time years ago, because our friends ordered lots of them! This time, I learnt that Som Tam actually meant Papaya Salad in Thai, and saw a group of locals eating quite a few plates of papaya salad. So we ordered one of their many papaya salad choices to try! som tam 1 -

My verdict? The papaya salad concoction we ordered didn’t win me over, so I still prefer mango salad. Moreover, the taste of the chicken wings didn’t taste as good as the first time. The place was also not as crowded as before. We didn’t need to queue.

Some customers who came later, queued, but there were lots of empty tables around. Somehow the food arrived when they got to their seats or even before they got in! Likely their orders were taken outside but they were not ushered in. Was it to create an impression of a queue outside the shop? Just my guess!

Som Tam Nua at Siam Square Soi 5 is just beside Siam Square One (10:45am – 9:30pm).

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Photo Credits: 1/ Somboon Crab Source, 2/ Hello Kitty House Source, 3/ Som Tam Source

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