Bangkok April 2015 (Day 4) | Soi 38 Street Food & Terminal 21 Mall

Bangkok Itinerary Overview (2015). p.s. Read about our post of how to get from BKK airport to downtown.

Soi 38 Bangkok Street food 

If you are one who likes to find authentic local taste by eating street food, you should not miss this 40-year old iconic place at Thong Lor area, Soi 38.

You have to go there soon! According to the news, the buildings housing the vendors will be demolished for condominium development next year, but authorities have started to pressure them to leave the soi.

Soi 38 E -

We found some seats at the beginning of the soi (“Street”), as you walked from the BTS, near the Mango Sticky rice an BBQ sticks stalls.

Soi 38 -


The BBQ chicken sticks were juicy.

The mango sticky rice was yummy! The price is cheaper and mango portion much more and than the one we had at Mango Tango (Asiatique).  Will definitely choose to go back for this than the one at Mango Tango.

Soi 38 A-

Like the Facebook Page of Ning’s Mango Stand to get updates of where they are shifting to next.

Soi 38 B -

There are actually more food at Soi 38 than Mango Sticky Rice and BBQ sticks, but we were not hungry to eat much then. There are a variety of choices but some vendors are selling the same dishes.

  • Khao moo daeng (red pork over rice),
  • Khao ka moo (pork leg),
  • Khao man gai (chicken rice),
  • Kuay jap (noodle rolls),  and others.

Best to walk to the end of the soi to have a look at the offerings and choose the one that your stomach growls out to. Dishes are priced about 40 to 70 Baht per dish.

Soi 38 C -

For those feeling the heat and want air-con, or want a coffee fix, there’s a hipster cafe near to Soi 38. Turn left as you exit the soi, towards the BTS.

Soi 38 D -

Opening Hours and Directions:

Opening Hours: Most vendors will be set up by 6:30pm and open till late, but not past midnight. Try not to go on a Monday, it’s a national street cleaning day, so fewer stalls will be opened (citywide).
Directions: Thong Lo BTS on Sukhumvit Line, Exit 4.
The place is located very near to the station. Look out for a brightly lighted street.


If there’s nothing that catches your attention here, check out 55 Pochana across the street from Soi 38. Thong Lo BTS Exit 3, walk across Thong Lo road, and the restaurant will be on your left in a few metres.

Terminal 21 Shopping Mall

Many people raved about Terminal 21 because of how the whole shopping mall is travel-themed.

The mall’s large glass and steel window structure resembles a modern airport. Inside, you would really feel like you are in an airport – the criss-crossing escalators, “flight information displays”, world clocks and information desk receptionists wearing flight attendants’ uniforms.

Terminal 21 D -

Once you enter the make-belief airport, you can go to different countries simply by going to the different levels. Each level is modelled after a particular country, featuring distinct landmarks, architecture or artefacts of that country.

  • LG Floor – Caribbean
  • G Floor – Rome
  • M Floor – Paris
  • 1st Floor – Tokyo
  • 2nd Floor – London
  • 3rd Floor – Istanbul
  • 4th Floor – San Francisco (City)
  • 5th Floor – San Francisco (Pier)
  • 6th Floor – Hollywood

Terminal 21 E -

Other than being individually themed after a country, each floor carries a different category of products.

Scroll down for a snap shot of Terminal 21 shopping directory.

LG to M Floors – High End Luxuries

  • LG Floor – Caribbean Beach Town: High-end supermarket, take-away food outlets, banks, bookshops and convenience shops.
  • G Floor – Heaven of Rome: Luxury brands and boutiques. International and local fashion labels such as Kipling, Fox, CC:OO, Nike, Adidas, Levi’s, and more.
  • M Floor – Champs-Élysées Boulevard of Paris: Designer’s boutiques and beauty shops. 

Terminal 21 C -

1st to 3rd Floors – Smaller Local Independent Labels

  • 1st Floor – Tokyo‘s Nakamise-Dōri Market and Harajuku Town: Ladies’ boutiques
  • 2nd Floor – Oxford Street of London: Men’s fashion and sporting goods
  • 3rd Floor – Istanbul Market Town: Mini-shops of gifts, accessories, toys, home décor, etc.

Terminal 21 B -

4th to 6th Floors – Food and Entertainment 

  • 4th Floor – San Francisco‘s Chinatown (City): F&B restaurants.
  • 5th Floor – San Francisco‘s Fisherman’s Wharf (Pier): F&B – food court and international restaurants. At the food court, you can find a great variety of dishes at affordable pricing.
  • 6th Floor – Hollywood Studio: SF Cinema City, health club, spa and IT & Mobile products.

Terminal 21 A -

Get your camera ready when you visit this place. Lots of photo-taking opportunities! 

Opening Hours and Directions:

Opening Hours: 10:00AM to 10:00PM
Location: Sukhumvit Road (between Soi 19 and 21)
MRT: Sukhumvit, Exit 3
BTS: Asok (direct access via Skywalk), Exit 1

Terminal 21 -

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Photo Credits: 1/ Platinum Fashion Mall Source, 2/ Collage of Boat Noodles Source

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