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There are many massage options in Bangkok, but not all have good hygiene practices. Even the staff at our accommodation told us to go to a shop that’s clean.

Health Land 

One of the more reputable and clean massage places is Health Land. It is also in the affordable range, though not dirt cheap. But this is also the reason why the place is populated with tourists and tour groups.

But.. the online reviews are not fantastic. Some complaints:

  • The ambience is average (you get what you pay for).
  • Some staff expect tips from you.
  • Service and quality are getting bad. Staff can be rude. Service hurried.
  • The massage hours are shorter than stated.

Branch Visited

We visited Health Land Sathorn, because it was on our way to Asiatique. And it was supposedly less crowded than the branch at Asoke, which is located in a more touristy area.

Our Experience

When we first reached, the whole place was crowded and messy. We were not sure who to look for and when we found a staff available, we were asked to pay for our services and wait at the sofa. We were seated for quite some time. And I started to wonder if they know that we have paid? Kinda relieved when our names were called out. But it felt like we were in a hospital/clinic, our names were called and then ushered to a room.

Verdict – 7/10

In my opinion, the skills were average. The strength was either too little or too much. In the end, I decided to ask her to use more strength than not. Though it was overall quite painful, I managed to doze off for a while! I wasn’t too impressed with the masseuse’s skills, but for Mr S, he was satisfied with his massage.

One of our masseuses was friendly, the other not. We gave them tips and went to the lobby, where we were given a cup of tea. The cup was cleared as soon as we finished the drink.

After my experience, I must agree that the online complaints as above have their valid points. Probably would try out another massage place next time!


Tip, Pricing & Outlets


Make an appointment beforehand to avoid a long waiting time. The Heath Land staff understand English. If not, you can ask hotel front desk to help you make an appointment. :)


Aromatherapy Body Massage: 1.5 hr, 950 Baht
Traditional Thai Massage: 2 hrs, 500 Baht


Health Land Sathorn

Business Hours: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm (Mon-Sun)
Getting There: Surasak BTS (8 mins walk, 500m) / Chong Nonsi BTS (10 mins walk, 650m)
Address : 120 North Sathorn Rd. Silom, Bangrak Bangkok 10500
Telephone : +66 (0) 2637 8883

Health Land Asoke

Business Hours: 9:00 am – 11:00 pm (Mon-Sun)
Getting There: Sukhumvit MRT Station (5 mins walk, 350m), Asok BTS (6 minutes walk, 400m)
Address : 55/5 Sukhumvit 21 Rd. (Asoke), Khlongtoeinuea, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Telephone : +66 (0) 2261 1110

For other locations, visit

D&D Health Massage

Branch Visited / Directions

We went to D&D Health Massage because it was near to Evergreen Place Bangkok, where we stayed. D&D was just beside Asia Hotel. Come out from the side entrance near to the Naraya Store. Once you exit, turn left into the direction away from the main road. It’s on your left in just a couple of minutes.

D&D Health Massage

Our Experience

We had high expectations of this massage place because one of our hotel staff recommended it, even though he doesn’t go for massages. He told us that this shop was cleaner than the one along the main street, beside 7-11.

But we should not have taken his word lightly – of not liking massages.

When we were hovering outside to assess the massage place, a staff beckoned us in. And when we asked for the prices, he remained vague and kept asking us to sit. When we insisted on knowing the price first, he asked his manager to speak to us. We easily agreed on a price. I reckon we paid more than the usual price.

Verdict – 5/10

My suspicion of us paying more than the quality of service was further confirmed after we experienced their massages. The massage service was also shorter than the stipulated time. The massage pressure was not enough – I felt the masseuses were being lazy. And when requested for more pressure, it was over the top. Never the sweet spot.

Not going to visit again.


Shoulder and Foot Massage: 200 Baht for ~50 minutes (though agreed 1 hour)


There are so many more massage places in Bangkok. We couldn’t possibly have the time to try every one of them. But here’s a list of other massages places in Bangkok for consideration, or to try at your own risk.

What are some massage places you would recommend? :)

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