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Nowadays, there are more people booking cruise trips and becoming a popular holiday option. So what’s the check in process at Marina Bay Cruise Center (“MBCC”) like?

Read on to find out:

  • The time to check-in
  • Check-in process
  • How to get to MBCC

What Time to Check-In?

Designated Time

You will be able to see your designated embarkation time in your guest ticket booklet. For our cruise, the first batch of guest check-in starts at 11:30am. All guests are to check in 90 minutes or earlier prior to the scheduled sailing time. Latecomers will not be permitted to sail.

Early Check-In

We were supposed to check in only at 3:00pm. But we decided to check in early at about 1:00pm to have lunch on-board. However because of the long check in process (you will see in a while), and the super duper long queue at the dining area, we were only able to have our lunch at 3:00pm! So I advise you to check in earlier than 1:00pm.

Other than lunch, your early check-in will give you time to enjoy the facilities before the crowd comes in. The Cruise Compass (activities schedule) starts from noon. This means that there are things in store for you from noon. We wanted to go for the ship tour and first timer cruisers club at 2:45pm, but couldn’t make it on time. :(

Note: For crowd control purposes, they might delay your boarding time. Read on to find out how they do that.

Check In Process at Marina Bay Cruise Center -


Check-In Process

Step 0: Online Check-In

Check-in online and save time during the actual check-in process. You have to do it at least 3 days before the cruise. Check out Royal Caribbean website about online check-in.

TIP: Register your credit card for the Onboard Expense Account. This will save you from joining the long queue to settle the account in cash towards the end of the cruise.

Step 1: Deposit your checked in luggage

The place to deposit your luggage is just outside the door entrance on level 2. Be sure to print and attach the personalised luggage tag to your luggage. This will greatly expedite the process – you just give them the luggage, that’s it.

Staterooms will be ready for occupancy at approx 1:00pm. Luggage delivery commence at 1:00pm to 9:00pm.

You can read more about the luggage tag and find out what to pack for the cruise in this post. Some items are prohibited to be packed inside the luggage and will be confiscated.

Step 2: Security Check 

After depositing the luggage, join the queue for the security check for your carry-on luggage. You should be able to “sneak” a bottle of water and a few sealed packets of snacks. Do avoid unsealed food such as takeaway packet food. They will very likely ask you to throw them away.

Mariner of The Seas (Check In) -

Step 3: Royal Caribbean Check-In Counters

Next, it’s another long queue to check-in with Royal Caribbean. We were given a lime (green) card/ticket as we entered the queue. We didn’t know what it was and later asked the lady serving us at the counter. She told us to proceed after the check-in to a waiting area and wait for our turn to board. Thank God, her colleague overheard and told us there was no need for the card anymore (at the point in time). We could simply “throw” the card away and head to the immigration counters.

Tip: So we were thinking, if the card system was still in place at our time of boarding, we could have just entered without showing any staff the lime card, and they would not have directed us to the waiting area. Not sure if that works, but you can try. :)

There’s a separate queue for suite guests to check-in and a pink card/ticket will be given. This indicates that the guests will be the first to board the ship. If you’re a Platinum, Diamond or Diamond Plus member of Crown & Anchor Society, be sure to take advantage of priority check-in.

Mariner of The Seas (Check In) 5 -

Although there were many registration counters, the queue was still relatively slow moving. Because we had checked-in online, we only had to give the following items to the counter staff:

  • printed and signed SetSail pass,
  • passport, and
  • credit card that we registered online.

At the counter, they will process your check in, take a photo of you to link your face to the sea pass (card) for security purposes. They will print the sea pass on the spot for you. Our sea pass is blue, as seen in the picture above. It’s silver for those in junior suite.

Sea pass is like your passport/identity card AND onboard credit card/cash all in one. So it’s important to keep your own card and bring it along with you always.

Step 4: Immigration

For those with Singapore passports, proceed to the enhanced-Immigration Automated Clearance System (eIACS) for an efficient immigration clearance using your biometrics.

After the immigration clearance, and just before you board the ship, the crew will collect your passport. This allows them to expedite the immigration clearance at the various Port-of-calls. Everyone’s passports will be cleared at one go. You will just need your sea pass to alight and board at these ports. They will return you your passport at the end of the cruise trip.

Step 5: All On-board!

Mariner of the Seas 2 -

  • Stateroom / Cruise Compass: Once onboard, be sure to check out your stateroom if you have time before lunch. Usually ready after 1:00pm. There you’ll find the Cruise Compass. Crown & Anchor Society members will also find the Ultimate Value Booklet in their stateroom.
  • Missing luggage? Luggage delivery commences from 1:00pm to 9:00pm. If you still have not received your luggage, go to Guest Services at Deck 5. If you have any alcohol or prohibited items in your luggage, plan to collect the luggage from Security on Deck 1, midship after 5:30pm. (Do check your cruise compass – boarding day edition for more info.)
  • Family Cruising: Those with children, check the timings for the “Adventure Ocean, Nursery and Teen Open House” to know about all the activities available for families. There’s also Teen Compass available from your Stateroom Attendant.
  • Bookings: If the spa or fitness classes are your thing, try to make your appointments on the first day. :)
  • Guest Assembly Drill: Prior to sailing, a mandatory emergency drill will be conducted at 4:30pm.


How to get to MBCC?

Taxi or Car

The cruise center is quite out of the way, so many people, especially those with elderly or children might opt for taxi or car for convenience’s sake.

Public Transportation

Option 1: MRT (North South Line) and Walk

For Mr S and I, we decided to take the MRT (North South Line, Red Line) to save some moolah. We alighted at the Marina South Pier Station, and walked ~200m to the station’s exit, and walked another 600m under a sheltered walkway to MBCC. However, there’s an unsheltered part from the walkway to MBCC, so be sure to bring an umbrella. Though it’s quite a long walk, the city view is really nice!

Mariner of The Seas (Check In) 2 -

There’s also an option for people who want to take the MRT but don’t want to walk such a long distance.

Option 2: MRT (East West Line) and Bus

  • Take the East West Line (Green Line) and alight at Tanjong Pagar Station (Exit C).
  • Board bus 402 at bus stop, near International Plaza (03223)
  • Alight at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore

Option 3: MRT (Downtown Line) and Bus

  • Take the Downtown Line (Blue Line) and alight at Downtown Station (Exit C)
  • Board bus 402 at bus stop, near Marina Bay Financial Centre (03391)
  • Alight at the Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore

Mariner of The Seas (Check In) 1 -

From the long sheltered walkway, we crossed the road to the building. Then we had to walk across the building at ground floor to the entrance.

Once inside, head up to the second floor via escalator.

You’re now ready to check-in! :)

Hope you will have a smooth check-in and boarding! Have a great trip ahead!

Be sure to read my next post for tips to check-out :) 

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