Check Out and Depart from Mariner of the Seas (Royal Caribbean)

So it’s the end of our trip! It’s time to check out and depart from Mariner of the Seas. For passport collected during the check-in, it will be ready for collection at Deck 5 the day before the disembarkation at Singapore.

Departure Information

Here’s the information Royal Caribbean will give you before you depart. No more cruise compass for the last day.

Mariner of The Seas (Check Out) 5 a -

Self Assist Program

We chose to carry our own luggage when disembarking. In this way, we will be the first group to disembark from 8:30am to 8:50am. Independent passengers (not VIPs nor in groups) with Porter Service could only disembark from 9:10am to 10:50am. We didn’t want to wait around, since there’s nothing much we could do onboard, and breakfast would end latest at 9:00am.

The carrying of luggage was alright for us – we just needed to roll the luggage through the bridge to the terminal, past the immigration and out of the building.

Porter Service

If you want someone to carry your luggage for you to the terminal, you can simply leave your luggage outside your room, along the corridor, the night before. 

Mariner of the Seas (Room) 8 -

For this porter service, you will be given a numbered luggage tag to attach to your luggage. This tag has a corresponding departure time assigned to you. The numbers range from 1 to 32 (from 8:50am to 10:50am), with an increasingly later departure time. Our luggage tag was no.8, with a departure time of approx 9:35am.

Mariner of The Seas (Check Out) 1 -

In the departure information, there’s a line: “Departing the ship prior to your assigned departure time may result in an increased waiting time in the terminal building as your luggage will not be available.”

But at the terminal, we saw rows of luggage – with luggage tag numbers up till 20+ (with a departure time later than 10:30am) ready. They could probably have “jumped the queue” and depart early, and still get their luggage.

Check Out and Depart from Mariner of the Seas -

Self or Porter Service? :)

Bookmark this page >> Comprehensive Guide to Mariner of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) as I update it with links of useful tips and navigation around the cruise.

Travelled in December 2015  | Trip is fully paid by us and in no way sponsored.

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