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Sentosa Staycation Itinerary Overview (October 2015)

After our visit to RWS SEA Aquarium and Fort Siloso, we took a cable ride to Siloso Beach for dinner! We had a “budget” lunch at RWS’ Malaysia Food Street. So we were going to pamper ourselves for the night!

On our way to the restaurant, we spotted 4 peacocks roaming around! :)

Sentosa Coastes - Around Sentosa -

This is the place we were going to have our dinner:


To be honest, we grab every chance to return to this place for dinner. Why? Because it’s the place where Mr S proposed to me! We almost wanted to hold our wedding solemnisation here. Heh heh. :)

Aside from the special meaning this place holds, there are two main reasons why we come back to this place time and again. Scroll down for them!

Sentosa Coastes -


1. The Atmosphere


Situated along Sentosa’s Siloso Beach, Coastes is “built” right on top of the sandy beach! I think it’s interesting and nice to eat while burying my toes under the sand. Is that a weird quirk?

Anyway, there’s a romantic rustic charm about this place at night. The flickering candlelight, the background music, the cool sea breeze, they all come together to be my idea of a romantic candlelight dinner! Although it can get reaaaal hard for me to see my food under the candlelight. I also had to pray that no bugs or sand fly into my food. :P And needless to say, like almost all beach bars and restaurants, there’s a casual laid-back vibe about it.

Partly Self-Service… You will be led to a table and given the menu. Have a look at what you want and order from the cashier/counter (below). After that, wait to be served! :)

Sentosa Coastes 1 -

My Experience and those from TripAdvisor (“TA”)

Public Space Distraction

We picked a table spot that’s nearer to the sea. We were enjoying the breeze and the listening to the waves lapped in a distance when our sea view got blocked. A huge group of men buzzed into the picture. Some stood around, some sat on the Coastes’ sunbeds which were near to us. The romantic atmosphere was ruined.. at least until our food came to distract us.

But this is one of the external factors you can’t control in a public space. One staff did approach the group to “chase” them away from the sunbeds. Apparently you need to pay or spend at Coastes before you can rest on those sunbeds. More on that later.

However, it seemed quite common to have people sitting at those sunbeds. I deduced this conclusion from the negative TA reviews written by those being chased away. But business is business. Though the staff could have been more tactful. But then again, probably the staff are frustrated for always having to ask people to leave.

Sentosa Coastes 3 -

Pet Friendly

This place is good for those who like pets! You can bring them in. But for those who are afraid of pets, especially dogs… beware! :P A TA review mentioned about another patron letting his/her dogs run around and even poop in the middle of the restaurant – he/she didn’t clean it up nor was he/she asked to.

As for us, when we were there, a family had a huge dog which looked fierce. One of the younger girls, a teenager, unleashed the dog and seemed to be struggling with it. I was afraid of that dog, so I was glad the family left soon after.



Those sunbeds… Mr S proposed me to me at one of them! :)

Those sunbeds… they overlooked the beach and are available for rent at S$20/day with 2 complimentary iced lemon tea. The drinks cannot be substituted.

Those sunbeds… you can sit on them when you spend at Coastes. BUT! In a recent TA review, someone bought food and was only allowed to sit at the table. But that was not the case for us in 2013. After our dinner at Coastes, we took our unfinished (alcoholic) drinks and went to one of the sunbeds. No one chased us away. Not sure what’s the policy now.

Sentosa Coastes 2 -


2. The Food

They serve western cuisine here — burgers, pizzas, pastas and seafood. And of course, beers, house pour spirits, etc. You can look at the menu on their website.

For a beach bar and restaurant, we didn’t expect much of the food. But the food turned out to be a pleasant surprise! Delicious yum yum~ Though it’s on the pricier side.

We didn’t try everything on the menu, but so far, for those that we’ve tried during our past few visits, they all met the mark. We always went back for the same stuff because they’re simply mouthwatering.

Sentosa Coastes 5 -

The only three dishes we tried are:

Linguine Seafood S$30

Pan fried crayfish, tiger prawns & clams with spicy anchovy tomato or white wine sauce

p.s. Delicious and fresh!

Fish & Chips $22 (Kids Portion $14)

Atlantic cod in beer batter with tartar sauce & fries

p.s. I was craving for fish and chips after my visit to RWS Sea Aquarium in the afternoon. It’s no wonder Fish and Co opened a shop there (but we passed on). This dish didn’t disappoint! Almost matched the one I had in Australia.

Seafood Stew $32

Fresh prawns, clams, scallops, crayfish, fish indill, basil, spicy tomato sauce with herb bread

p.s. Thick in flavour. This is Mr S favourite, and I love it as well. Yummmy!!

Sentosa Coastes 4 -

Sidenote: We seldom get to see Desperados Beer on the menu and decided to try it. It’s nice! Later we realised it’s a Tequila Flavoured Beer. You can get it at Changi airport’s duty free shop. Or probably major supermarkets too.


Opening Hours

Mon – Thurs, Sun, Public Holidays: 9am – 11pm
Fri, Sat, Eve of Public Holidays: 9am – 1am

Getting There

  • Sentosa Express: Alight at Beach Station and walk towards Siloso Beach.
  • Parking: Parking available at Beach Station Carpark (2 mins away from Coastes)
  • Taxi: Alight at the Beach Station Taxi Stand

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Travels October 2015 | This post is not sponsored, we fully paid for the food and service.

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