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Updated 23 Sep 2015

Australia (Perth & Melbourne) Itinerary Overview (2013). p.s. Read about our trip to Perth City! 

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As I was planning for the Australia trip, I felt the pinch in my wallet. The food is expensive and there are entrance fees almost everywhere… even at some coastlands! The fees are not cheap either. So I was very happy when I got to know that there are free public buses operating in Perth!

  • Quick Fact: Transperth,, provides public transport services in the Perth metropolitan region – buses, trains and ferries.
  • Quick Fact 2: In Perth CBD, you can get to enjoy many of Perth City’s tourist attractions, dining and shopping! :)

Free CAT buses in Perth

Central Area Transit (CAT) buses are free. You may get on and off them as often as you like without paying.

These free and high frequency bus services operate in the Perth, Fremantle and Joondalup CBD. All CATs are colour-coded in blue, yellow, green or red.

cat bus

Perth City: Free buses and trains

 Important Zones! Perth city has a Free Transit Zone (FTZ) for buses and a SmartRider Free Transit Zone for trains.

  • ftzlogoBuses in Perth City – To travel free, your bus journey must be wholly within the FTZ. That is, you must board AND alight the bus within the FTZ. Look out for the logo (as shown on right) on bus stops to identify the FTZ boundaries.
  • Trains in Perth City – To travel free, you must use a SmartRider card, start and finish your journey within the zone and tag on and off in the normal way. The boundaries are City West Station, Esplanade Station and Claisebrook Station. (Refer to Perth City’s Map link below for the zone.)

Printables: Maps and Timetables

 Here are some good pdf resources for you to print and bring along for your Perth trip:

Overview of CAT Bus routes in Perth City: Map and Timetable

Overview of CAT Bus routes in Fremantle: Map and Timetable

Overview of CAT Bus routes in Joondalup: Map and Timetable

Visit for the maps and timetables of bus, train and ferry. If you are on a tight travel schedule, you may want to check if there are any service interruptions on their website before travelling.

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