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A friend strongly encouraged me to visit Fremantle on my first trip to Perth. Since there was not much to do in Perth CBD anyway, off I went! Didn’t regret it~ :)

If you are also planning a trip to Fremantle, there are quite a few means to get there from Perth CBD: train, bus, ferry, car, taxi, etc. Once at Fremantle, you can get to ride free CATs again! :)

1) Train: Fremantle line

If you don’t have a car while in Perth, or find it too expensive to take a cab ride, the next best alternative to get from Perth to Fremantle is… TRAIN!

Head to Perth Underground Station and take the Fremantle Line towards Fremantle Stn.

Fremantle Line

Return Trip for Perth-Fremantle 

Adult train fares* (as of Sep 2015)

  • Cash ticket: A$9.00
  • SmartRider Card: A$7.66 (15% off). It’s a 25% off if the card has an auto-top up function. This card is like Singapore’s EZ link card. Subsidised rates, but with an initial card purchase fee.
  • DayRiderA$12.10 for full day, unlimited travel on all buses, trains and ferries!
    • Important Tip: If you are traveling in a pair, consider getting a FamilyRider Pass! It’s much cheaper than getting 2 cash tickets or DayRiders.
  • FamilyRider Pass: A$12.10 for unlimited travel of a group of max 7 people, provided no more than two of them normally pay full fare. Much time restrictions, but use it when you have the chance! You can ask the station staff/bus or ferry driver if you are currently in the eligible time zone before buying.
  • Free travel: Night Trains (12.30am – 3am, weekend), children under 4 years old, and Western Australian seniors using SmartRider during selected timings.

*This is a 2-zone fare, because you will travel over a zone boundary into another zone.

Where to buy the tickets?

Cash ticket, DayRider, FamilyRider Pass: You can buy them from the coin-operated Ticket-Vending Machines (TVM) at the train stations. If you are taking bus or ferry, you can buy them from the drivers.

SmartRider: You can buy it from Transperth InfoCentres and Retail Outlets. Click the links for a list of locations.

Travel Duration

It takes about 35 minutes to travel between Perth and Fremantle by train.

Operating and Peak hours (approx. timings)

Train service is available from approx. 5:20am to 11:30pm, generally at 15 to 30 minutes interval during the day. There are night trains from midnight to 2.15am during the weekend, refer to the timetable for specific timings.

Beware that trains can get very crowded during peak times (~7:00 am-9:00 am to Perth and ~5:00 pm-6:30 pm to Fremantle).

P.s. Check Transperth website for train service updates.

Fremantle - Sea


2) Public Bus

There are also buses from Perth to Fremantle. However, the travelling time for bus is longer than train. It takes about 50 minutes because the bus travels via suburban areas. And the bus fare is still the same as the train. >.<

I wouldn’t recommend this option, unless you are met with a situation like ours. We had to take the bus because the train broke down or there was some station maintenance. Basically, the train was out of service the whole day! :( So we had to take a long bus ride to and fro Fremantle – with traffic lights and conditions not found with trains.

P.s. Check Transperth website for train service updates.


3) Ferry Cruise

Main ferry terminal in Perth: Barrack Street Jetty (Riverside Drive).

Ferries depart daily to and fro Perth & Fremantle via the Swan River – down stream to Fremantle.

If you have time or cash to burn enjoy, you can take the scenic cruise from Perth to Fremantle (adult: ~A$28), vice versa, by the various cruise companies.


4) Others: Car, Taxi, Cycling, Walking

  • Driving a car in a foreign city can be stressful.
  • Taxis in Perth are very expensive and are not recommended.
  • Cycle for an hour for 20km if you are up for it!
  • Walking is free, but only if you are ready for a 18km marathon!!! :P

Which is your preferred method to Fremantle? Leave me a comment. :)

Updated 30 Sep 2015

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