General Guide: How to Dress Baby for Winter

It’s hard to travel light when you have a baby, unless you are a very chill parent, or you can afford to buy most things at destination. To add on to the load, travelling during winter meant more things to pack into the luggage.

This post is based on our 9 days of winter holiday, where we had 7 full days in Northern Kyushu, Japan. The temperatures were hovering from 0 to 15 degrees. Baby Evangeline was only around 8 months old then. You can take a look at our itinerary. - layering for an infant 4

Layering is the best way to dress for winter. It’s generally recommended to wear 3 layers: thermal wear for wicking, sweater for insulating and jacket for protection from weather elements. As for baby Evangeline, we added one more layer. Scroll on to see her layers, inside out.

1. Thermal Underwear

For the first layer, Evangeline put on ultra warm heattech for top and bottom. You can also get other types of thermal underwear, e.g. long john. Prepare at least two sets to rotate. Do wear the diapers well to avoid the thermal pants, and other layers from getting poo-stained. - layering for an infant 4

2. Long Sleeved Romper and Leggings

Then after donning on the thermal innerwear, Evangeline wore a long sleeved baby romper and normal leggingsnot the thick leggings you see in the photo below. This outfit is the type she wears to air-conditioned places in Singapore.

We prepared pretty sets in case we needed to take away all her jackets indoors. In the end, we didn’t get to do that often, because we almost never took off the layer after this.

Hence, baby Evangeline re-wore many of her clothes, since it’s not dirtied with sweat (protected by the thermal wear) nor dirt (protected by the jacket). - layering for an infant 4

3. Jacket & Leg Warmers (Winter Leggings)

We brought two woolen like jackets for Evangeline to interchange (photo below). Two is a good number, since jackets will appear in most photos. With two, she wouldn’t seem to be wearing the same clothes throughout the trip.

Evangeline didn’t wear this jacket layer for her airport fashion. Instead, she wore fleece romper (long sleeves and pants) for this layer.

For bottoms, Evangeline wore winter leggings or leg warmers. It’s again good to have two to rotate, and one as spare for a week long trip. You might want to consider footed leggings, and not bring so many pairs of socks. - layering for an infant 4

4. Puffer Jacket

The last layer to put on is the puffer jacket! It was worn when we head outdoors and not in a baby carrier. Puffer jacket seems to be a good choice because of its water resistant and wind proof nature. This jacket works relatively well for Evangeline, except for high altitudes with strong wind.

A hood is superb as extra protection, or as back up when the hat is in the hotel or nowhere to be found.

We preferred a colourful jacket because it looks better on photo, and makes it easier for us to notice it in case we lost it or left it on the bed and forgot to wear it on her. More importantly, it’s easier for us to spot the baby, if for some reason we were apart.

We got ColdControl Lite bear puffer rainbow stripe from Gap during their US online sale, at US$36. This is already out of stock, so a similar one would be this puffer jacket. Shell and Filler: 100% polyester. Evangeline’s jacket is at 18-24 months so that she will grow into it, but with all the layers at 8 months, it felt quite fitting, except for the long sleeves.

If you look carefully at this photo, you will notice the above-mentioned 4 layers! :)

Travelling with an infant for the first time -

5. Head, Hands, and Feet Protection

This 3-tier protection is important, from top to bottom: head, hands, and feet.


To avoid losing heat through the head, wear a hat. We got traditional winter hat for Evangeline and when it got extra cold, we lifted the hood of the puffer jacket over the hat. We would also pull the hat low to cover her ears as much as possible instead of bringing ear muffs.

Neck is another important part to protect from the cold. It’s hard to find turtle necks for infants, and hence as an alternative, we got a woolen scarf for her. Since it’s not easy to swing it around her neck, we sometimes simply placed it across the exposed neck area while she was laying in her pram.


Gloves for the hands. We prepared two sets in case one gets dirtied, you never know where the hands of babies will go. We got bigger sizes for her to grow in and to cover the wrists. Cotton and nylon are terrific material for gloves. - How to Dress Baby for Winter


At 8 months old, baby Evangeline wasn’t walking yet. So we didn’t put much thought in getting a good pair of walking shoes. Micro Fleece Pull-On Booties looked like a pair of well-insulated footwear for her.

However, the booties slipped off easily as her feet shuffled around at times. Moreover, her feet felt cold when we removed them as we stepped indoors. We should have wear wore wool socks on her for better protection.

We are going to head to another cold country end of this year. So will update again on how it’s like to wear a 1+ year old toddler who’s already walking. - layering for an infant 4

That’s how we wore our 8 months old infant for winter. Do you have other suggestions or questions? Let me know in the comments below. :)

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2 thoughts on “General Guide: How to Dress Baby for Winter”

  • Thanks for sharing! Your post is really helpful! Can I ask how you nursed her on the go? Did you have to always sit in the nursing room or at one place? Could you nurse in the baby carrier? If so then how did you layer your own clothes? Thank you!!

    • Welcome, glad it’s helpful! :) I am not good at nursing on the go, so I had to resort to sitting at one place. Lol. And it’s hard to move around when nursing in layers. Nursing tops were not helpful for me as I layered quite a bit. So I used a nursing cover and made sure I wasn’t too expose when lifting my clothes :)

      Happy travelling!

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