Nami Island for Children

This is my fourth and final post about Nami Island! Can’t believe I wrote so much about a tiny island. I wanted to specifically dedicate one post for children, because of how child friendly Nami Island is. It was designated the 14th UNICEF Child-Friendly Park in the world and the 1st in Korea.

Baby Rooms 

With 5 nursing rooms on Nami Island, it’s easy to find a place to nurse with discretion. We went to the one at Picture Book Library and it was empty and cosy. The changing diaper stations and nursing rooms were clean and tidy.

  • 1 Nursing Room Outside the Island: Customer Service Center
  • 5 Nursing Rooms On the Island: Tourism Bureau, The Song Museum, UNICEF Hall, Picture Book Library, and Hotel Jeonggwanru.

Children’s Activities

To explore Nami Island, parents can bring their children and hop on to Story Tour Bus, Unicef Charity train or to cycle around on the family bike (2 adults + 2 children).

There are quite a few places on Nami Island where children can let loose and have fun. Locate these places on Nami Island Brochure: (Chinese Version) (English Version).

Right next to UNICEF Hall is Unchi Garden, where there’s an outdoor playground for kids to have fun and be creative. We would go if we had more time and the weather was dry. If your children want to have more outdoor play, for example zip-line, trampolines and swings, check out Forest Adventure TreeGo. More details in my post of ‘Things to Do in Nami Island‘.

If outdoors is not your children’s thing, wander into Picture Book Library and have them pick up a book. It has an outstanding children’s book collection and also indoor slides and playground on the first and second floor. So fun, we saw local teenagers in uniforms running about the second floor’s play area. There are also programs and activities such as colouring and maze exploration available. Approach the staff to find out more.

If you are a muslim, there’s prayer room on the second floor and a Halal restaurant near the entrance: Asian Family Restaurant Dongmoon. I supposed this restaurant has child-friendly menu too. Because while we were there, a group of children seemingly on school excursion was having their lunch at this restaurant.

Picture Book Library is a good pit stop to change and feed your child, while letting them read and play. Can probably set aside 45 minutes to one hour here. Opening Hours: 10:00AM to 5:00PM

Nami Island for Children

Among other things you can do on Nami Island, children can easily explore and interact with the beautiful nature that is everywhere on Nami Island. Have fun on Nami Island with your children!

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