8 Types of Sports Activities on Mariner of the Seas

There are many activities on Mariner of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) for you to choose from. If you are a sporty and active kind of person, here’s a consolidated list of activities that you might be interested in. But first…

What’s the peak period for the activities?

It was the school holidays, and our cruise seemed to be operating at its full guest capacity. So to avoid the crowd, we tried to use certain facilities during the off-peak hours.

Nevertheless, the cruise was crowded everywhere on the first and last day of the trip, especially the last day. That’s because all the guests were on-board. And on the last day, everyone was on the ship for the whole day as we made our way back to Singapore.

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We didn’t disembark on our 2nd day when the ship docked at Port Klang. Quite a number of Singaporean guests didn’t as well. According to the cruise director, Port Klang is not a popular destination for Singaporeans, which made up 85% of the passengers. We chose to stay behind and use the facilities when the cruise was not that crowded.

As we went further up north to Penang and Phuket on our 3rd and 4th days, the cruise became less crowded during the day. That’s my guess–because I alighted at these 2 destinations. And my bet is that everyone wants to disembark at Phuket, the furthest from Singapore.

Regardless, everyone was on-board at night!

So what are the activities on Mariner of the Seas that you can sweat it out? Scroll down and have fun!


1) Swimming Pools

Swimming pools and hot tubs (Jacuzzi) on Deck 11 are very popular with children. We went early in the morning about 8:00 AM before the crowd and children flooded the pools after breakfast.

There was no one at the two pools except one auntie. So we went to the empty one. It was an awesome feeling to have the pool all to ourselves!

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We happily wore our goggles and went under the water. And we were utterly shocked. The pool was super dirty, with many white bits of I didn’t know what floating in the water, a hair tie lying in a corner of the pool and clumps of hair floating around. We were so disgusted that we immediately got out of the pool. Btw, the water of the pool was super salty, like that of the sea.

We then decided to try the other pool and see if it was in the same condition. Thank God it was clear! Except, the water is still salty.

We had a few laps of good swimming before we noticed more and more people on their morning walk at Deck 11 and 12 (overlooking the pool) after breakfast. Then we decided to have some fun with go pro!

I planned to swim twice during my trip, but the salty water deterred me from swimming in the pool again. Sobs.

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Note: You can borrow pool towels at the side of the swimming pool, towards the spa area, instead of bringing your room towels. The station is open from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Also, proper swim attire is required when using the pools/jacuzzis.

Swimming Pool for Adults

Only later we realised that there’s a swimming pool for adults only!!!! If only I knew about it earlier, we would have come here instead. One can swim good laps here without having to squeeze and fight with the water-playing children.

From the main pools, walk towards the spa, and past the sliding doors. There you will see the pool surrounded by hot tubs (Jacuzzi). This area is called the Solarium area and is reserved for guests 16 years old and older only.

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Solarium (dictionary definition): a room with walls and a ceiling that is made of glass to allow in sunlight; a room where you can lie in the sun or get a tan

However, when we passed by, there was no roof above this area. But based on some online articles, there’s a retractable glass roof that’s probably out when it is raining.

Anyway, the lighting makes this place a bit creepy at night.

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2) Rock Climbing Wall

There’s a rock-climbing wall which offers five separate climbing tracks. You wouldn’t get this experience often–rock climb 200 ft (60 metres) above the ocean while the ship is moving. This is open only at certain hours, so be sure you get the right timing. Sign-ups will close 15 to 45 minutes before closing time.

We wanted to climb, but my hands were aching (from Shuffleboard, see next post) and we were tired from our Phuket trip. According to the staff, we came at the time when the queue is the shortest ever for the trip. We were back from Phuket slightly earlier than the cut-off time, so the cruise was not that packed.

The staff suggested that the queue might again be short when they start operations at 9:00 AM on the last day when everyone’s still tired and snoozing from their Phuket excursion.

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Remember to wear socks, a T-shirt and shorts/pants, and be dry when you want to rock climb.

If you are planning to ice skate or rock climb, regardless an adult or a child, you need to sign a waiver form for each activity. When you signed the forms, you will get a “hole” on your sea pass: The alphabet S is the waiver for ice skating, and the star for rock climbing. More about the waiver forms in this post (logistics).

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3) Sports Arena: In-Line Skating and Table Tennis

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A variety of sports activities on Mariner of the Seas are found mainly on Deck 13. Gear up in your sports attire and have fun!

Table Tennis: There are 3 tables around the sports court. The bats and balls are enclosed in a metal box that’s attached to a nearby wall.

In-line skating: If you don’t want to squeeze with the rest at the ice skating rink, you can probably consider hitting the in-line skating / roller-blading track at Deck 13!

mariner of the seas sports

Image: 2bearbear.com

4) Sports Court for Ball Games: Basketball and Soccer

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5) Ice Skating Rink

Remember to wear jeans and socks to the ice skating rink!

The ice skating rink is at Studio B, Deck 3. We were advised by our friends to queue up outside of Studio B before the doors opened. There was already a queue even though we went earlier than the opening hours. However, later on, we realised there was another queue inside (nearer to the rink).

Tip: The queue forming at Studio B entrance is for the waiver form. Just go straight to the counter and get the forms to fill up.

You can fill out the forms while queuing to get your waiver approved or while queuing for admission to the ice skating rink (inside Studio B). For the latter, you need a friend to get your SeaPass Card and form and hand them to the waiver staff.

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Waiver Form

If you want to ice skate, regardless an adult or a child, you need to sign a waiver form. When you signed the forms, you will get a “hole” on your sea pass: The alphabet S is the waiver for ice skating. More about the waiver forms in this post (logistics).

After we were done with the waiver forms, we still had to queue to get a number. We went early before the doors opened, but only managed to get into the third group. Then, we waited again at the seats around the ice skating rink for our number to be called. They only let in a certain number of people into the rink for 30 minutes each time.

Tip: If you are carrying bags and have no one else to look after them while you skate, just ask the staff handing out the helmets and skates to keep the bag for you.

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The ice skating rink was popular with the guests even though many didn’t know how to ice skate. They just held on to the bar at the side and walk on ice. Don’t see where’s the fun for them.

Anyway, the ice was not polished well and hence easily melted and slippery. It’s not the perfect place for beginners to learn skating. No wonder the performers slipped once or twice in their ice skating performance – can’t blame them.

Speaking of which, Mr S recognised the staff handing out the ice skating helmets and shoes as the performers in the ice skating show!

6) Gym & Classes

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On the cruise, it’s 24/7 buffet time. So for those who are worried about all the fats you are putting on, you can hit the gym and do some serious exercise. We saw a cruise show performer toning up in the gym too!

It’s a fully well-equipped gym with the usual stairmasters, treadmills, stationary bikes, weight machines and free weights.

Spa & Fitness 1 - travel.joogo.sg

As for myself, I was more interested in the classes Mariner of the Seas offered. For my trip, there were only Vitality Stretch classes that lasted for half an hour. The stretch is, in my opinion, Pilates. Daily classes are at either 7.30 AM or 4:00 PM. I went once in the morning. I wasn’t able to attend the afternoon session as it was full. So be sure to reach there early.

There were stationary bikes locked in the corner of the aerobics room, probably a cycling class for another trip. That class would have been interesting.

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7) Run at the Outdoor Running Track

For those who don’t like to run on the treadmill, there’s a great option for you. Head outside to Deck 12 for the outdoor Power Walking / Jogging Track.

Best to run in the morning when the deck is not crowded with guests.

8) Dance

Look out for the various dance classes they offer on your trip. Check out your cruise compass. There are Cha Cha, Tropical Line Dance, MOB Dance, etc.

There were also various dance parties, Country Line Dance Party, 70’s Dancing in the Street Disco Party, Glow party, etc. Or head to the Dragon’s Lair, the prime dance venue with DJs, the ship’s wannabe-goth disco that opens only after 10 pm.

Dance - travel.joogo.sg

The photo above was taken at the Glow party (Studio B, where the Ice Skating Rink was transformed). Guests were encouraged to wear white and glow in the dark. With aunties dominating the dance floor, the party seemed to be like a line dance class. :x


What activities on Mariner of the Seas will you go for? Leave a comment below.


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Travelled in December 2015 | Trip is fully paid for by us and in no way sponsored.

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