Recreational Activities on Mariner of the Seas (Part 2): Chill & Relax

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So what are the activities on Mariner of the Seas that you can chill and relax? Scroll down and have fun!

If you don’t like crowd, learn when to avoid the peak period in my previous post.

1) Library

Library on Mariner of the seas -

Browse through the bookshelves of books and grab one which catches your eye. We know of someone who finished a book during a cruise trip!

Stickers are pasted on the book covers to indicate that they are from the Royal Caribbean library. We spotted a few people carrying books with stickers around the cruise.

Library on Mariner of the seas 1 -


2) Lazing Around


Walk around the ship’s circumference, mainly on decks 4, 11 and 12, and enjoy the sea breeze or sunset. Lie on one of the many sunbeds around to chill. We saw people who fell asleep on the sunbeds, with half consumed tidbits and beer bottles by the side.

Recreational Activities on Mariner of the Seas -

Or have a drink at the pool bar!

Activities 8 -

Or chill by the pool side with ice cream or hot dog.

Activities 9 -

The photo below was taken at a secluded corner near the spa. Head out from one of the automated doors on the side. Walk down the stretch and enjoy your semi-private moment with your loved one!

sightsee -


3) Chapel Chill

There’s a ‘Skylight Chapel’ at Deck 15, accessible only by the lift at the rear (back). The definition of Chapel is a small church or a small building or room used for Christian worship in a school, prison, hospital, or large private house.

Recreational 6 -

Being Christians, we were excited to check the place out. But the place looked weird with strange vibes. The lampstand on the right is a bad replica of the golden lampstand with six branches mentioned in the bible. Didn’t even want to step in.


4) Movies

screeningroom_1There were movie screenings throughout the day, from early

morning till late in the night. It is a small cinema, more like an art house cinema–small and cosy. Do go early to get a seat, especially in the afternoon. Otherwise you might have to sit on the floor, like some children did.

If you prefer, there’s a huge outdoor movie screen near to the swimming pool.

The movies screened were also shown on the room’s TV. You just need to find out the timings for them.

Image Credit:


5) Shopping

Shopping on Mariner of the Seas -

There’s a shopping alley at Deck 5 Royal Promenade. On my first day, I wondered if anyone would buy things on-board. Felt like a tourist trap with super marked up prices.

But surprisingly, their prices were reasonable for products in the main aisle, but they were mainly out of season products. They also have good sales, especially on the first day and last day on-board. There’ also a lucky draw for buyers who bought on the last day. I was almost tempted to buy something!


6) Karaoke Singing

Look out for Karaoke Party Time! Usually in the night at Lotus Lounge.

I suspect that this Karaoke program is designed for the more mature crowd, older folks who like to sing Chinese or Dialect songs.


7) Spa and relax

Recreational Activities on Mariner of the Seas - Spa -

They have an extensive spa menu and a fitness schedule of vitality stretch classes and health seminars. We went to their Spa & Fitness Center Tours because of the complimentary Raffle (lucky draw) entry. It was a tour to “sell” you their spa services.

Spa Mariner of the Seas -

After the tour, there was a free foot analysis–which was basically a very manual machine to make carbon copies of your feet. A lady was there to swipe a print as we stepped over the machine board.

However, there was no analysis on the spot. We had to go back another time with the paper and attend a seminar: Relieving back pain, walking in comfort. The same lady who did our footprints would then explain our footprints.

Spa 2 -

I only managed to go for the seminar when it was already halfway through. She was talking about some shoe products, a sales pitch I supposed? I had wanted to go for the other health seminars, but after this experience, we gathered that the main objective of all the seminars was to sell us something.

But you should try out their classes: As mentioned in my previous post, I went for their stretching exercise class.

If you don’t want to spend a premium on the spa services, there are “free” stuff that you can do to relax your body.

  • Saunas and steam bath rooms in the male and female changing rooms. They are near the gym.
  • Dip into the hot Jacuzzi the spa offers: 2 semi-outdoor and 1 indoor. But they are popular with the guests, especially the uncles and aunties, and hence super crowded at most times.

Spa & Fitness 1a-

The indoor (adult only) Jacuzzi is not situated in a good spot. There’s high foot traffic around as it is near the bathrooms and gym. The photo above was taken on our first day on-board. We never saw an empty indoor Jacuzzi ever again, at least for those times when we were there.

Soaking in the bubbling hot water with a bright constellation above.

And boy, the water was super hot! But shioks!

Spa & Fitness 3 -

We came back slightly earlier from our day trip to Penang and went straight to the Jacuzzi to relax our tired muscles. And there was no one in the semi-outdoor Jacuzzi. Thank God! People were starting to come only when we were about to leave. It was soon after the cut off time for people to return from the Penang land.

The place was inspired from the Roman Empire, including the shower area.

Please clean yourself before entering the pool. ;)

Spa & Fitness 4a -

That’s all folks!

Enjoy your recreational activities on the Mariner of the Seas!

Spa 3 -

Which recreational activities on the Mariner of the Seas will you consider doing? Leave a comment below.

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