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Comprehensive Guide to Mariner of the Seas (Royal Caribbean)

If you are on Mariner of the Seas and are thinking of alighting at the ports of call: Penang and Phuket. Here’s some useful information for you to note.

Port of Call: Phuket

We took a tender boat from Mariner of the Seas for our one day tour in Phuket. Be sure to queue for the tender boat tickets at least half an hour before stipulated time – you will find many kiasu people wanting to get off the cruise as early as they can. Otherwise you can choose to board the last few tender boats to avoid the queue.

We wanted to go on an independent tour to Phi Phi, but later we realised we didn’t have time for independent shore excursion (i.e. not organised by Mariner of the Seas). We had read online blogs of people who was on the same itinerary as us (5 NIGHT SPICE OF SE ASIA CRUISE) – and they managed to go for such private Phi Phi tour. Why can’t we have the time?! Then we realised…

Different cruise trips, even though of the same itinerary, have different timing for passengers to alight at the various ports of call. 

So do note that you might only have time for Phuket town and beach tour.

To know the time the cruise will dock at Phuket, refer to the guest booklet that Royal Caribbean will email you. The time indicated is in Phuket time (1-hour difference from Singapore).

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Port of Call: Penang

Queen Victoria Memorial Clock Tower is near to the pier where we alighted from the Mariner of the Seas for our one day tour in Penang

Check out these posts for ideas of what to do and eat in Penang (George Town):

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Enjoy your time in Phuket and Penang!

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Travelled in December 2015  | Trip is fully paid by us and in no way sponsored.

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