What to do on Mariner of the Seas – Art and Music

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Scroll on to find out what to do on Mariner of the Seas!

If you are more artistically inclined – love arts and crafts, or enjoy music and shows, you will likely to be entertained on Mariner of the Seas.

1) Art Classes

What to do on mariner of the seas - Art Classes

We went on the cruise during the end of year, and hence the on-board arts and crafts sessions revolved around the Christmas theme! There were the folding of paper Santa Claus and also the making of Christmas cards.

For those who fell in love with the towel art in your stateroom (see mine here), be sure to attend their “handkerchief”-folding session.

What to do on mariner of the seas - Art Classes2

Learn how to fold towels into the animals. The stateroom attendants are well trained to have a few tricks up their sleeve – a different type of animal was placed on our bed each day!

There are also many other origami classes you can attend. Read through your cruise compass for more information! ;)


2) Art Auctions

travel.joogo.sg - Art Auction

Many art pieces were placed around Deck 3 and 4 for you to appreciate. If you like any, you can buy or bid for them! The art auction during our trip was organised by Park West.

We attended a session to experience what an auction was like, along with enjoying the free champagne and getting raffle tickets (lucky draw). Surprisingly there were people who really bid for the pieces and bought! But it’s okay if you don’t. There were many others who sat around without bidding too.

travel.joogo.sg - Art Auction1

Just so you know, they would give away free champagne at selected events (art auction, meet the captain, etc) to entice participation. Otherwise, you have to pay to consume alcohol on-board. Not that we are alcoholics, but it’s just nice to get freebies! ;)


3) Artwork Appreciation

What to do on mariner of the seas - Art Appreciation1

No worries, if you just want to appreciate art without having to pay for it. There are many art pieces on-board. As we climbed the steps, there were art canvases with sculptures by their sides in between the decks.

What to do on mariner of the seas - Art Appreciation

Other than those art work along the stairs, you can spot many other pieces around the cruise.

Look up, look down and look around. You will find different styles of art.

Food engraving

What to do on mariner of the seas - Art Appreciation3

Wall Art

What to do on mariner of the seas - Art Appreciation5

What to do on mariner of the seas - Art Appreciation4


What to do on mariner of the seas - Art Appreciation2

Cruise Interior Design

What to do on mariner of the seas - Art Appreciation6

Look down when in the lifts

The day on the floor changed everyday.

We easily lost track of time on board, so this was a good way of reminder!

What to do on mariner of the seas - Art Appreciation7


4) Music and Lounges

After the nightly entertainment show, you and your travel group might not want to retire back into your rooms. If you are music lovers, scroll down for a few options to consider. But do check your cruise compass for the timings of the music performance.

Dragon’s Lair (Nightclub)

A Gothic nightclub, conceived as a 600-year-old dungeon, is located on Deck 3. The venue has a bar, dance floor and seating area. Dance to the music as the DJ turn out tunes from around 10pm until late.

Move to the music!

travel.joogo.sg - Club

“Street Performance”

Catch the band performing along Royal Promenade! Sometimes, there will be a singer too.

travel.joogo.sg - Music1

Ellington’s Jazz club

On Deck 14, enjoy live Latin music and Jazz while enjoying a drink or two. There’s also a small stage and dance floor if you sweep your partner into a slow dance.

travel.joogo.sg - music7

You can move out to the Viking Crown Lounge to sit by the large ocean view windows and gaze out into the main swimming pool area. Or if it’s in the evening, enjoy watching the sun set. We didn’t need to buy any drink to sit by the window to enjoy the view.

travel.joogo.sg - Music

Lotus Lounge

At Deck 5, you will see an oriental style entrance with two lion dog statues guarding it. Walk through the entrance and you will find the Lotus Lounge and Connoisseur Club.

travel.joogo.sg - music5

The Lotus Lounge is decorated in an Oriental style with live music, adult karaoke, dance floor, bar, etc.

Croon to a tune!

travel.joogo.sg - music4

Connoisseur Club (Smoking Lounge)

The Connoisseur Cigar Club is just beside the Lotus Lounge. A cigar smoking lounge with a gentleman’s club feel. There are wooden panelling, chess boards and red and tan coloured leathers arm chairs for guests to relax in with a cigar and cognac.

travel.joogo.sg - music6

English themed Wig and Gavel Pub

Enjoy live music at the pub along Royal Promenade.

travel.joogo.sg - music8

Schooner (Piano Bar)

Nautically themed piano bar found on deck 4 outside the casino. There is a mast-like setup with ropes and knots, and also mock portholes on the walls with seahorses, shells and fishes.

travel.joogo.sg - music

travel.joogo.sg - music3

Do check out Boleros (Lounge) for Latin Rhythms and the latest Latin drinks including Mojitos.

Sip to a sunset.

Muse on.

travel.joogo.sg - music2

Which are the activities on the Mariner of the Seas will you consider doing? Leave a comment below.

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  • Is it okay to go into the dragon’s lair, lotus lounge, and Connoisseur Club without buying drinks? Just for watching the performance, singing or dancing, or looking around probably..

    • I went to Ellington’s Jazz club and enjoyed the performance without buying a drink. So it should be the same for other such places. You can double check with the staff.

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