Overview Taiwan Babymoon Itinerary: Taipei and Taichung (Spring/Summer 2017)

Taiwan Itinerary

Be sure to bookmark this page as I update my Taiwan Babymoon Itinerary with useful tips and navigation around Taipei and Taichung. Find out interesting attractions to visit, accommodation to stay and food to eat.

Taiwan Babymoon Itinerary

Useful Travel Information


  • Getting SIM Card for calling and data from Taoyuan International Airport (Coming Soon)


Other Travel Matters:




Things to Do

  • 2 days 1 night at Cingjing Farm (Coming Soon)
  • Yi Na Gu Chicken and Food at Cingjing Farm – 伊拿谷景观咖啡餐坊 (Coming Soon)
  • What to do in Taichung City? – Museum, Cafe Hopping, and Fengjia Market (Coming Soon)
  • One day tour to the outskirts of Taichung (Coming Soon)

Bookmark this page as I update it with links of useful tips and navigation around Taiwan.

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